My Sassy First Moblogging via Blogspot

March 29, 2009 (Sunday) - I've been hearing a lot about mobile blogging on Blogspot and this maybe is the best time to try this.

I am currently watching the romantic comedy Korean movie, "My Sassy Girl". Finally I am able to finish this great movie and will soon make a review of it here at Life On A Pencil.

An online post after the mobile post above...

As I've tried posting this blog via my mobile phone and saw this post can't help but notice the default alignment (aligned to the left) of the uploaded picture/image via blogspot (I usually use my Multiply uploaded image and are always aligned in the center). It only means that after posting it via moblog, the work is still not yet done. Probably this mobile blogging or moblog incorporated to the online blog, Blogspot mobile is just a temporary "at the moment" post which eventually you have to tweak in order to have a complete blog post.

So I guessed I still have to study more on this mobile blogging and discover some features to further enhance my moblogging experience.

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