My Paypal Limited Status Ordeal and Being Reinstated Again

April 21, 2009 (Tuesday), Paypal, the leading e-commerce business which allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet has been and still is the most safest and "undisputed" name when it comes to doing online transactions, but recently I have gone under a unsatisfactory ordeal in using Paypal. Here is my experience:

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I have been a consumer of Paypal for almost a year now. I recalled enrolling for a debit card accredited by Paypal through Union Bank and finally getting my EON Card, which can withdraw my Paypal funds. Since then everything went good until the last part of the year where Paypal emailed me saying that my paypal account is on limited status which limits me from receiving payments, withdrawing or transferring funds, and deleting my account.

I received that e-mail around November. Paypal stated that on November 13, 2008 someone tried to illegally access or hack through my account (I don't if that peson was just me forgetting my password or the "real deal"). So they show an instruction on how to bring back and reinstate my Paypal Account. During those times, I was still able to receive payments from my online writing gig, so my funds accumulated until it reach a desirable "withraw-able" amount but I can't transfer it because my account was limited. So by the last week of January I started filling up the required forms to lift my Paypal's limited status access.

One requirement states that I should send them a proof of address. I completely trust that they will not disclosed this critical information out of the public so I scanned my Smart Internet Utility Bill and send it to Paypal in JPEG form. I thought it would took quite sometime because I know i am not the only customer with this conflict. After a month there is still no updates and again they sent me a warning that I should complete all the requirements, and I thought to myself "Complete... what?" So what I did is scan February's Internet Utility Bill and a valid Philippine Postal I.D. just to "really" confirm my identity. I've already changed my password and security questions, so the proof of address is the only requirement left.

What I also notice is that beside the upload file there is also a printable facsimile (fax) coversheet with a bar code before the upload utility page is. So if they don't want a normal scanned document then it is time to print the documents and send it via fax.

Come late March, yours truly got broke and was not able to immediately fax the requirements. Paypal sent me a last reminder to submit my requirements or they will be force to close my account which fueled my rage. I have emailed their customer support page and all I receive are the same old automated messages. If only a "real" Paypal representative answered me, I might have finished and completed all the requirements on Day 1, but No! they just keep on showing these complicated case ID like PP123456789 which really not tell anything on what happened and how will they be resolved.

April 19, 2009 - sunday. I've finally free myself of debts (from Boss) and finally fax my utility bill to Paypal's Office in the United States of America. The facsimile services took over a minute and a half and the people running the fax services has already charged me with 240.00 PhP ($5.00). I just thought, this will finally resolve it, so with a more easy feeling I went home thinking that the pricey fax service will do it.

Later that night, I opened my e-mail and receive a message from Paypal finally telling me that my account was reinstated which made me ecstatically happy making me plurk that I am back in business. I logged in to Paypal and to my dismay saw that my account was still on limited status and they only removed one of the case ID's (I had two before), I once again read my gmail and saw a recent email telling me that they still can't reinstate my limited Paypal Account which infuriated me. After that I emailed them this:

Restored? where?
I logged in my paypal information and it is still limited? what is the meaning of this? Are you messing with us, your customers?

I am really furious about these steps. I've scanned and uploaded my internet utility bill to Paypal and a valid Philippine Postal I.D. in the past, and then you tell me you can't still resolved this? I am in complete dismay and disappointed Paypal. I've already fax you the latest Internet Utility Bill and still you won't reinstate my account? what other procedures will I have to take or money have to waste. I've changed my password already, secuurity question and uploaded and fax the information amany times. What more do you ask of me? Would I have to call you just to address this issue? Then don't expect a satisfied and friendly call!

Disappointed and hoping for a quick fix, from a customer with a fading loyalty,
Chris A.

I was really disappointed with how everything went. Last night (April 20, 2009 - Tuesday) they've finally reinstated without much more fuss my Paypal account. I finally sighed a relief and decided to withdraw most of my funds in Paypal. I am still giving them another chance and hope next time they'll provide a better customer service for their users.

So it is official again, Chris A. is indeed back in business.
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