A Prawntastic Tokyo Tokyo Event

Last April 25, 2009 (Saturday) yours truly was invited to attend a special food event by Tokyo Tokyo and Yehey to experience their Watta Tempura dish and here's how the event went....

bloggers at tokyo tokyo watta tempura

Watta Tempura at Tokyo Tokyo Bloggers Event

Thanks to the ever reliable Google Maps, accessing through directions and route to various locations is just a click away. Here is the route to Trinoma Mall where the Tokyo Tokyo Watta Tempura Event was held.

The day started with me leaving DasmariƱas, Cavite (as usual) at around 12:00 nn allocating two hours for the traffic (if there will be traffic). I arrived at the Trinoma around 1:45 pm and saw the Aspacio couple (Jeff and Jennifer) whom I joined at their table. There were also other bloggers whom I haven't known yet (or was too shy to socialize) who arrived at the venue before I did.

prawns out large at trinoma

While waiting for other bloggers to arrive, these fellas took my attention and my mind started imagining the events Yehey and Tokyo Tokyo might have for us. Knowing that this is a Yehey Event there sure will be a lot of action in store for the bloggers. So roughly, after those guys dressed up as prawns and left Tokyo tokyo Trinoma, I came to a deduction that this is going to be a hunt.

Other bloggers started to arrive like Jori, Flow, Omar, Fjordan, Monique, Mica, Hannah, Iris, Montsch, Leira, Iris, Fritz, Arpee and many more. Laszlo of Yehey oficially welcomed us to Yehey and Tokyo Tokyo's food event but before the actual dining experience, we first have to hunt the escaped prawns (from Tokyo Tokyo's TV ads).

Video source: Prawnis Hilton have a "bright future" as a model

Video source: LePrawn James has an even "brighter future" in basketball

I like funny TV commercials and Tokyo tokyo has successfully pulled a good one off (or were they three?) Definitely three... here is the third one:

Video source: Jessica Shrimpson who have a good "future" with a Handsome Prawn.

We were grouped according to the colors of our name tags, and ours was pink. We told to go to the activity center to get the instruction.

tokyo tokyo watta tempura trinoma mall activity

After the group reached the crowded activity area, the instruction sheet was handed to us. We have to take one group picture together with (1)Prawnis Hilton, (2) LePrawn James, and (3) one picture of them doing their own activities.

prawn hunting at trinoma mall for tokyo tokyo event

We only have 30 minutes so the hunt was on! There was nothing on Trinoma Mall's third floor, meaning the escaped prawns could either be on the second or at the third. Good thing there are images in the instructions to give us a clue to where we can find them.

Luckily our group fulfilled all the necessary tasks and was the first team to arrive... Yehey! and was beat up with all the walking and running. When all the team arrived, Mr. Niel Carreon, Tokyo Tokyo's Marketing Head introduced us with Tokyo Tokyo's latest meal called "Watta Tempura".

watta tempura meals at tokyo tokyo

Team pink won the prawn hunt and was rewarded bountifully by the sea gods with alluring music and convenient containers. Team pink comprises of Chris (me), Sire, Loraine, Hannah, Brian, Tina, Flowell, and Omar.

The beloved escaped prawns (or guys in a prawn suit) went back to Tokyo Tokyo. Some picture taking were held together with the big prawns and later dining on them hahaha. We were served with Watta Tempura meals and were filled to our hearts (or stomach's) content.

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