English Interview with the Wonder Girls : Get To Know The Girls

September 18, 2009 (Friday) - It is without a doubt that yours truly is one of the many avid followers of the all-girl Korean pop group Wonder Girls. My fandom began late September of 2008 which can be read from my first Wonder Girls blog post: Wonder Girls' "Nobody" Last Song Syndrome, and during that time there where only a few people outside Asia (or here in the Philippines) who knew about the Wonder Girls and their upbeat music, but look at them now... a rising international sensation.

Wonder Girls

If you haven't heard of their music yet let me share you the Wonder Girls NOBODY US Debut Single. Yup, it is Wonder Girls' Nobody in English Music Video

Let me also share to you this English Interview of Each Wonder Girls which I stumbled upon over the Wonder Girls Official Youtube Channel. Get to know Yubin, Ye-eun (Yenny), Sunye (Sun), Sunmi (Mimi), Sohee here:

Sunye's Interview - About Sun

Sohee's Interview - About Sohee

Sunmi's Interview - About Mimi

Sunye's Interview - About Yenny

Yubin's Interview - About Yubin

For latest updates, and official videos you can visit the Official Wonder Girls Channel here:


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