My Personal List of the Top Scariest TV Shows Locally Aired in the Philippines

October 31, 2009 (Saturday) - A day before Halloween, and two days after my one month "blogcation" (blog free vacation) I am back this time enlisting my personal list of the top scariest shows of all time (or probably my time). So let's compare our list and see if you have your favorite creepy show on my list.

crypt keeper

The Crypt Keeper from the Tales of the Crypt Keeper a special character feature on CMAQUEST: Character Special Feature No. 03: The Crypt Keeper from The Tales of the Crypt

The Outer Limits

I could vividly recall some of the episodes of this shows but one thing is certain that time, it gave me the chills in watching some of its episodes back in the late 90's to early years of 2000. It was locally shown here in the Philippines back then via ABC 5 (popularly known today as TV5).

Here is the intro for The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits was a popular sci-fi tv series remake of the same title from the 60s and feature the paranormal and beyond. Good doesn't usually triumphs over evil in this series as seen in each episodes twisted endings.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

This popular US TV series was locally aired here on the Philippines at around the early 2000 (as far as I recalled) and featured bizarre and scary cases which ask the audience if whether the cases they've shown per episodes are based from actual events or just from the creative minds of their writers.

Here is the intro for Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which summarized what I've stated earlier:

The X-Files

"I want to believe" and I believe that this is one of the best of the best there is which have become a cult classic and favorite. An inspiration to many new US sci-fi shows today. The X-files deal with wel the x-files, mysterious cases from the archives of NBI. This series had run and rerun locally through RPN 9 (popularly known today as C/S 9) and its last season on Studio 23. Of course who can forgot this nostalgic opening theme for the X-Files:

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt features different horrific stories narrated by the undead named the Crypt Keeper. Each of his tales teach moral values in a horrific fashion that there are deadly consequences on one's decisions. While the stories may give you the chills, the Crypt Keeper usually gives comedic breaks after each commercial breaks.

Here is the Tales from the Crypt Intro:

Tales from the Crypt was shown on late 90s locally on RPN 9. The series have given birth to the already dead Crypt Keeper. The popularity of the show has created two movies and an animation based on the franchise. I own a game and watch of the Tales from the Crypt back in the 90s as well. One of the first games I officially had.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Each of us just wanted to be the scared out of our pants and that is why we usually want to hear other people's personal tales or encounters of the beyond. This is what the premise of Are You Afraid of the Dark? is. A group of teenagers called the Midnight Society gathers every night to tell each other tales of horror. Though not really based on actual events, some of its episodes sure was scary (well, probably because I was just a kid and all that time)

Are You Afraid of the Dark was locally shown in ABS CBN (Kapamilya Channel) and is considered to be a fantasy horror television series for children like the next one on my list...


Was also a good horror fantasy children TV series back in the 90's. It was locally shown in GMA 7 (Kapuso Channel) together with the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

Well, this is all I could recall or what I've watched back then that gave me the chills. I didn't place a ranking as this may caused a debate onto fans or followers of a specific series so there are the list of the top scary TV shows aired in the Philippines. If I didn't include a specific series it is probably because I haven't seen or followed that series or completely forgotten about it. So what are the scary shows in your list?

Happy Halloween of 2009 guys.

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