Plans Before The Year Ends - Pile with Ideas and Concepts

November 06, 2009 (Friday) - Ahoy there fellow bloggers and readers of CMABLOGS. November is finally here and one month left to go before year ends, so I am doing some a little reflecting on the things I wanted to achieve before the year ends.

First off is a weekly web comics - an ambitious blog project...

the new world of after earth chronicles web comics muedanthe new world of after earth chronicles web comics piko
the new world of after earth chronicles web comics neiyanthe new world of after earth chronicles web comics neiyan

I have one of this stories stuck into my head which is itching to come out and probably the time is just ripe to finally publish it online. The characters above are from my story "After Earth" (the working title) which I created as early on 2004. I have already set up the plot and the main protagonist and antagonist of the story in my head but the only problem is the execution. Execution in terms of how will I allocate my freetime for it (So help me God). Like any other webcomics out there, mine will be published on a weekly basis (either one or two page a week). I am still in the process of script writing and conceptualizing so this will probably be out really soon (or most probably by next year).

Another webcomics project (yup, not once but twice hahaha) would be a weekly short humor comics which is about my world and views on particular Philippine and international issues. I plan to make it a comical satire if my intellect allows it but it is going to be one of my baby blog comics project which probably be published by December this year.

And of course who wouldn't forget those piled up blog events which I haven't covered yet here at CMABLOGS. Though nobody is pressuring me about it, I think it is only fair to cover everything which happened this year before the year ends. It is probably my aspiration to finish pending tasks for me to finally take a breather.

So there you have it, some of the updates and plans which I hope will not be like the rest. Hope you can follow my new blogventures in the international and local blogosphere here at CMABLOGS. Do subscribe to get periodical updates and events that I've attended. So have a great day everyone. Chris A. logging off.

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