My 2010 New Year Resolution Is No New Year Resolution at All!

January 08, 2010 (Friday) - My 2010 New Year Resolution is No New Year Resolution at All!.

The common mistake of almost everyone is making up a long list of New Year Resolution but eventually failing to fulfill them. Just like crossing one's fingers when lying, you're telling the person in front of you (or the world) about your New Years resolution but crossing your fingers at your back which symbolizes you lacking the initiative to follow up on that list and ultimately failing to fulfill a single one of them.

Well, that was kind of absolute, huh? Another year has passed and we can not avoid the fact that we aren't getting any younger so change is eminent. So we usually make a list of things to do or things to change within the coming of a new year. The only mistake we usually commit over and over (New Year after New Year) is making a list of things we should do. Though I am not saying that it is oh so wrong to do. The important thing is the will and the dedication to pursue those endeavors, not how long the list goes.

This is what I have personally observed from some of my other peers and based from my own experiences in the past. Making up a list of things to do but eventually failing to fulfill them will later make them feel bad about it. So my 2010 resolution is no making of list of things to do, things to change, nor broadcast them on public so that if I can't fulfill them later then I won't feel about it. This is just a personal opinion and this doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a New Year resolution, only that if you will have a list don't be too ambitious to change everything about you in one sitting. Take it one step at a time, one negative trait a year... slowly but surely.

May everyone have a happy and prosperous new year ahead.

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