Blogging Tips for Bloggers Running Out of Ideas To Blog

February 04, 2010 (Thursday) - Today I am helping out newbie and fellow bloggers who often experience mental or writing block on their blogs. This is how I manage to successfully overcome a "blogging block" with out straying away from the genre(kind) of my blogs.

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Blogging Tips for Bloggers To Avoid Mental Block
Blogging Tips for Bloggers Running Out of Ideas To Blog

Post relevant blog posts or do not post at all - This tip applies to niche blogs or topic-specific blogs. For example you have decided to make a blog dedicated to food, isn't it weird if you post an irrelevant topic like car post? A good tip is to not stray off from your chosen genre of blogging. If you can't seem to blog anything regarding your topic then by all means do not post irrelevant posts. If you are a food blogger then stick to blog posts related to food, fahion is to fashion, etc. In CMABLOGS's case since I have chosen a more wider genre, which is a personal and events coverage blog. I may post freely any topics which is interested to me like hobbies, favorites, experiences, perspectives, and anything personal but to a certain limit for it is still indeed a public material and we do not really want the world to know our every action (though there are some whom prefer to do such spectacle). The second and majority of the post as well here in my blog are topics related to the blogosphere which I belong to, mainly blog events which I have been invited. This does not not mean that I will only blog about blogger related events, but some important community events which is worth blogging and sharing. Thus, being loyal to my chosen genre of personal and events coverage blog.

Set aside or prepare relevant blogging materials - One good way to avoid a writer's block or mental block in blogging is to set aside blog-related materials like magazine and newspaper articles for tangible materials. You can also bookmark a website that you find related to your blog. This isn't called cheating or copying other people's work but try to recreate or spice up these references as much as possible, or better yet recognize them as a source on your blog post. This is what I usually do on my infotainment and magazine CMAQUEST. I collect or use materials from websites I subscribed in and reshare them on my blog but with more relevant photos, trailers and information which is the signature of CMAQUEST.

Keep a note or any portable storage device in reach in case of ideas randomly comes in - The brain "is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get" (ain't that sound familiar?! hahaha). You will never know when an inspiration for a new material to be blog will be coming in, and in case it dod what wiill you do? This is why it is important to have a pen with pocket notebook or piece of paper to jot down those instant and random ideas which suddenly pops in. If you don't have any pen and paper, you can always save such ideas on your mobile device for reference when you finally arrive home.

Be in the Mood. Stay Fit and Healthy - How can you successfully put up the words and thought on your blog when you aren't even in the right mood or health to blog at all. Try to have the proper amount of rest, exercise or any means to stay fit and healthy. The brain can't fully function on a stressed out body so prioritize your health as well.

So there you have it! My first blogging tips series for fellow bloggers running out of ideas. Hope you liked and learned from this little sharing of knowledge which I impart with you guys. Thanks for reading and if you like and want to receive regular updates on my blogs, you can always subscribe to my RSS feeds or via e-mail.

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