Dumping Disqus! Adapting Intense Debate and Proper Blog Comment Managament

If you have been into my blog a couple of days (or weeks) ago then you might have noticed that it will almost took you an eternity to see the whole content of my blog, CMABLOGS especially if you are browsing this on Mozilla's Firefox. The reason is the faulty Disqus blog comment management system.

So I began to look for problems on why my blog doesn't completely load all its content (including the rest of the posts and sidebar). My initial suspicion was my layout could have been at fault or probably one of myBlogger Gadgets might be the one causing the slow loading time of my blog. So I have disected my Blogger gadgets look at the html codes and javascripts I applied on my blog and noticed that all is fine with them. So my next suspicion is that the problem might lie on the blog layout itself.

I have tried changing the layout of the blog a couple of time in hopes that it would just be a problem with the layout, but in the end I was frustrated that all my efforts were put to waste because my blog still has the same problem. Just a couple of days ago I've noticed that I don't see the Disqus comment management system at the bottom of my blog posts, so what I did was visit the website and to my surprise the Disqus website also loads abysmally slow. This is when I finally found out that the root of all of my problem is located on Disqus' lame comment management system that I have incorporated on my blog for so many months now. Well I am half to blame this for not sticking to the default Blogger/Blogspot comment system, but if you are a Blogger/Blogspot user then you should already know how lame the comment management system offered by Blogger. This can be quite funny especially when Google have been expanding and offering so many new features to enhance the convenience of blogging and connectivity, but they completely neglect their free blog hosting comment system on Blogger. Well, maybe they will eventually enhanced that feature in the future but for now it won't really suffice the need to personalize and properly manage the all the comment one's blog receives from its readers. This is why I ended up using a third application comment management tool like Disqus which also failed for influencing the time a blog takes to load.

I gave them a still a day or so to fix the website for the site may probably just be temporarily done, but after a day or two the problem was still the same. No e-mails or announcements. Disqus has definitely a problem! And they should have released some statement, apologies via e-mail (or some other website because their site is down itself) to their users regarding the inconvenience of the failure of their comment management service but there isn't a single one, as we speak (as I blog).

Disqus is Down! Disqus has a problem! so I have switched to Intense Debate so Intense Debat do not let me down!

Thank goodness I have located the root of the problem, so what I did was erase every word/code with the word Disqus on it on the root html/XTML layout of my blog and finally adapting a seemingly more popular name in comment management system, Intense Debate. If you visit Disqus official website then ready your self for countless of wasted minutes before the site partially loads. I think Disqus will be shutting down or have been attacked so if you are having the same problem as I, then by all means revert back to your old comment management system (Blogger default) or adapt to a new comment management tool. A blog's comments section is an important part of a blog especially if you want to connect with your readers, it also gives your reader a mind-setting that their voice and opinion matters to you blog, which will also be good to a blogger to keep them coming back and attracting more potential readers.
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