The Alleged Gas Leak Issue in Makati City and The Responsibility of the FPIC

Makati City, a thriving city of various businesses, industrial facilities, and a local communities which seems to blend together in a harmonious and tranquil manner. Amidst all of these, no real community is complete with out some rising concerns and sometimes alarming incidents which may threaten its people.

A recent news reports was published by the mainstream mass media about a possible gas leakage from one of the many pipelines of the First Philippine Industrial Corporation. FPIC is the largest commercial oil pipeline in the Philippines and the corporation responsible for transporting crude and refined petroleum products from Batangas to Metro Manila.

The possible dangers of a seepage could result to a large scale catastrophe if not properly addressed immediately. Safety as FPIC core value, the corporation immediately addressed the challenge of an alleged gas leaked by sending out emergency rescue groups to check and even excavate some parts of their pipelines which may allegedly be damaged, and at fault for all of the complains of the community. With the extensive analysis and cooperation with the local investigating team it is later found out that the seepage of a petroleum-like fluid in the basement of a building along OsmeƱa Highway, Bangkal, Makati found last July 12, 2010 did not came from any pipeline from the FPIC. The First Philippine Industrial Corporation pipeline was cleared as source of leak.


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