My Two Cents on The Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking

Luneta a.k.a. Rizal Park has witnessed some of the most notable events in Philippine history. Sadly, a tragic event unfolded hours ago as a dismissed policeman from the Manila Police District took 25 people hostage aboard a bus on August 23, 2010 near the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park which ended in tragedy with the hostage taker being shot dead by the local law enforcement agencies while seven hostages of Hong Kong nationals were killed, two other Hong Kong hostages were seriously injured, while six hostages were found to be alive and traumatized at the end of the crisis. Read more about the exact crisis on Wikipedia via The 2010 Manila Hostage Crisis.

The Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking on August 23, 2010

Opinion About The Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking

Public incidents like what happened to the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking isn't something new as crisis like this have happened from all parts of the globe, and not something rare to the Philippines alone. Though it is not something new, it isnot something to be taken lightly and a condemnable act of injustice towards others.

We have the local and international media to thank for with this incident, for without them none of this is possible. Imagine you are having your own personal issues to confront with and you see such disturbing scene of a man taking a number of people hostage to have his requests granted? As it was like taken from a movie, but it is not! It's real life. That's what news is good for, bringing you the hardhitting news whether you like it or not. well, you can always turn it off if you are too stress to watch it but that isn't the case with the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking.

Earlier as the negotiations were being processed, I saw a post from a fellow plurker that the police' counter measures to address on the hostage taking isn't something to be released on news report, for the very obvious reason. I wasn't aware of the situation only after father opened up the news at 6:00 in the evening where one of the hostage taker's siblings was forcefully taken by the law enforcement agencies because of an alleged connection with the on-going hostage taking. After the tragic ending of the incident, the escaped traumatized driver testified that he was forced to open the television and as he saw his brother being apprehended by the local police, he snapped and started on his murderous rampage... and to us who witnessed its coverage on all major Philippine television news program, the rest is history.

I have nothing against news reporting and journalism on its raw and artistic form but when something so alarming, distressing, and requires a media block out seems to be sensationalized, you'll know that in the back of your head that it will not end in a happy ending. The only destination of the hostage taker is imprisonment or death, and he chose the latter. A local analyst mentioned that the hostage drama might not end in a tragedy, it particular steps were taken into utmost consideration. The moment the hostage taker saw that news of his family being harassed might be the triggered that fuel the pointless bloodbath that we all witnessed.

If only the local media and international cooperated with the local law enforcement agencies rather than getting their firsts and exclusives, then the drama might not turned into horror. All of these would not be possible if only that dismissed cop didn't resulted to that last option. But it already happened, law enforcements might have done something good about it but they did the unthinkable, creating the event that stops all forms of negotiations via arresting his nearest beloved family members who might be his last refuge when all of this might be over, and then we have the ever reliable mainstream mass media for covering the events as it is... blow by blow until the final blow. A pointless death that will be a part of another tragedy in the history of the Philippines.

I know, I know they are only doing their jobs but a little control, cooperation and sensitivity for the person and situation might help but sadly it didn't. At the end of the day nobody has triumphed. Only sadness, pain, and failure. But what can we do when all of this already came to pass? We move on. Like any other tragedies the Filipino people can overcome such adversities and the Philippines will get up from this crisis and back at its feet in no time. But that doesn't mean that the nation won't pay the price for this incident?

Hong kong's Travel Advisory Against Philippines after the Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking on August 23, 2010

ongkong's Travel Advisory Against Philippines after the Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking on August 23, 2010 from Hong Kong's Security Bureau


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