Dasmariñas Celebrates its First Year of Becoming a City

Dasmariñas City is currently celebrating its first anniversary as a city. It was not long ago (2009) that yourstruly participated and made my one vote count, and here we are today commemorating the cityhood of the Dasmariñas.

Dasmariñas CityDasmariñas City

I have been in Dasmariñas since I was still 3 (I am currently 24 as I make this blogpost... yeah I am not ashamed to divulge my age). This is where I became the person that I am right now. I am always thankful to be educated, raised and learned the things that made me today here in my hometown Dasmariñas Cavite. Once an ordinary province, now a city. Amidst all of the infrastructure changes,Dasmariñas as a city has still not changed a bit. The people are still loving, hospitable, smart, independent and generally lighthearted. The community peaceful (gulp) which is why many foreign nationalities decided to retire or have their ESL education (Korean Students) here.

Dasmariñas City celebrates cityhood anniversary

I almost forgot that on the 25th of November 2009 I cast my said Yes to the Cityhood of Dasmariñas City, luckily I went with mom to do our regular grocery shopping where I saw all of the tarpauline hanging on the center islands of the primary roads heading to the main town stating that we commemorate the first anniversary of the cityhood of Dasmariñas. I wasn't able to cover the event for I know there would be one (as usual), what I did instead was went to Kadiwa Park with three of my best friends since high school together with my goddaughter as we spent our day having a quality family time from 5 pm until 8 pm.

life with friends in dasmariñas city

I am so happy with the 1st anniversary of Dasmariñas as a city because I was able to experience this special day with the people who know me the best. This is why there is no place like home, no place like Dasmariñas City.


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