A View of the June 16, 2011 Lunar Eclipse in the Philippines

First quick blog here about the lunar eclipse visible in the Philippines this June 16, 2011.I decided to do a quick blog at around 2:55 am (tyime started) as me and my brother await for this celestial phenomena.

As I went out to check it at 2:58 am I saw that the Earth's shadow has already covered two third's of the moon's total surface. The sky is clear and the weather is perfectly fine tonight or today. It is really a nice sight to see. There isn't anything too special about how it looked like and you can just google away what a lunar eclipse looks like. At times like this I wish I had a decent camera (point -and-shoot or DSLR) to capture such phenomena but hey! I still have my computer, internet and imagination to capture it so not really that bad.

super saiyan monkey dragon ball

A few friends and fellow bloggers are also documenting the lunar eclipse this June of 2011. Hope when we look at the full lunar eclipse later, we don't turn into giant great apes! Oh wait... that is a full moon and only Saiyans turn when it happens.


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