Balancing Act Between Gaming and Blogging

So may things to do in so little time. I too am one of those people chanting those statement over and over again. Well, I know I am at fault here for not having the proper discipline to even manage my own time, but I can help it. Now that I am making a decent earning from my home-based writing career, I can only do one of two things work more or balance things of by playing. I decide the latter.

gaming vs blogging time management problems

Not to say that blogging is not entertaining at all... it is, but if you have visited my other blogs like CMAQUEST, Pinoy Movie Blogger, and Kuwentong Bayan at Alamat you'll notice that I take blogging seriously. Serious in a way that I invest a decent amount of my time just to make a competitive post. I can't even balance work, romantic relationships and blogging in the past, but luckily I gradually learned to resolve that issue. But after I got my Xbox 360 last year, things started to go out of hand once again. Gaming tends to eat a lot of hours away making other tasks impossible to fulfill with out proper time management. Sadly I don't have such discipline in me. This is why a reader can easily notice that my last blog post was on the last week of July. I got hooked in playing various Xbox 360 games like Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Dead Space, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 3 and various Xbox Live Arcade titles. In a way, I find it gaming an escape to the lonesome nature of my home-based career. This is probably why I have invested more time on it than blogging, but then again,  can't really quit blogging... not just yet. Do you have that idea in your head that you just want to share and ope to the rest of the world? That is what I have always been struggling. I have so many wonderful and creative blogging ideas that tends to be overtaken by work or gaming, but it always resurfaces. So here is attempt number "I don't know what anymore" to rid me of that creative urge. To at least keep at least 2-3 blog updates on every the blogs I own, and probably create two or three new ones in the process. I still have so many things I want to express and share online, but I am restricted with my own weakness.

Hopefully I can finally find balance amidst the chaos of my own doing.
Cheers is to another good start.


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