The Social Network Vault - An Archive of Anything and Everything Viral and Phenomenal on Social Networking Websites

Facebook is "the social networking website" where anyone can everyone can hang out, share their thoughts, and socialize with each other. With so many people in one's network, one fb post can easily be flushed down in a matter of minutes. Has it ever happen to you that you have this one particular fb post that you wanted to looked at again but then you cannot because of the many activities you have already done that flushed it down your memory (you have posted, liked newer posts, and have forgotten which date did you liked it)? Well, this is what I will try to remedy with the Social Network Vault here in CMABLOGS.

cmablogs social network vault archiving anything and everything viral and phenomenal on social networking websites

The Social Network Vault is just a more permanent and stable archiving vault where I can once again look at any social networking posts that I have found very interesting, funny, scary, thought-provoking, phenomenal, disturbing, and many more. You may share my fascination with these viral images, videos or mere status updates, or you may not. This is just my personal archives. What matters is that whenever I wanted to laugh my arse off on one particular post I liked days, months, and even years ago I'll just go to the social network vault section here in my blog ( and check them out again. Well, you can also do this same thing in your individual blogs, for everyone has different taste or preferences. Most people I know in various social netwoking website (including myself before this post) has addressed the issue of these favorite posts getting flushed down into oblivion by simply saving these vital images and create an album where all their fave pics go. The Social network Vault is just my version of that. So if you want to find out if your favorite viral pic, meme, and video got included in my social network vault, or you have something that warrants a spot here, then feel free to just drop by and share one here.


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