First Strike: Long Walk and Picture Cazy Trio

chowking number

Chowking Meal - The Afetrmath

We made a turn to Via Verde and went out at Summerwind Village. Before we even reach the gate heading out Summerwind Village we decided to reroute and went out the Manuelaville Subdivision. Back on the Highway we made a crucial decision wether to keep walking or to ride our butts back in our own respected homes. They kept on walking until we reach the "Kadiwa Park". Then the cam whoring (what a nice term to use) began hehehe...

the trio at the kadiwa park

kadiwa park

Chris A at Kadiwa Park

Dan's thumbs up

Vin poses

After a few moments of cam whoring... we continued our walk passing our two schools. The once was Dasmariñas Bagong Bayan Elementary School - B (Now, Dasmariñas Central School II) and our beloved High School Dasmariñas National High School. We kept on walking and chatting (by the way) until we reached our last destination 711 in fron of De La Salle University Dasmariñas Cavite. We munch a couplr of snacks which includes the Fresh CowHead Milk Brand and a couple of Hotdogs with Manhattan Dressing (I wonder if it really came from Manhattan hehehe. Finally, we decided to ride a jeep back to Area F (Luzviminda), where the two lives and later the two see me off to ride back home to Area E(San Luis I).

711 Dasmariñas Cavite

I would like to thank my(our) sponsor Vin for treating us the whole day.


Until next time nyahahaha! Pictures also courtesy of Vin's Digital (point and shoot) Camera. For More Pictures of the Terrific Trio See My Multiply (

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