Small - Medium - Large: The Terrific Trio

Ahoy! Chris A. here again with another weekend post.

Some good news first (well for me, it is)! I searched my entertainment and magazine blog CMAQUEST ( Google and to my surprised the url of my site is back on top again. Yahoo! I mean... Google!

So? What does that have to do with us?...You might Ask.

Uhm, nothing really, it's some kind of an accomplishment for me because my "very first" blog is indexed again in Google. FYI, before I was the type of blogger who just wanted to blog for money and power (huh?) until eventually Google saw my misdeeds and punished me by removing "my precious" google pagerank which every money making blogger needs to be able to earn money online. I learned that the hard way. After a couple of months of disbelief and sour graping I've finally decided to create a new personal blog, and thus "Life on a Pencil" came to be. Now more wiser and stronger I will now be blogging wholeheartedly and passionately with a little whisk of "earning money" on the side (wahahaha, I still want to earn noh! I am guilty in that part hahaha) but also I also need to face the real world that is beyond this monitor and keyboard so I am now blogging on my free time (not like from before when I used to post new entries almost everyday ). Woah, this entry is not about my conquest right? Sorry just got carried away. and now here is my entry for the small-medium-large: the terrific trio(dang, it sounded like the next post is going to be written in a formal way.... not!).

As you can notice on the right side panel on my Links and Inks Corner, four prominent links are on top of the others. The first one is my entertainment and personal blog over at and the other links belongs to my two great friends Dan ( and Vin ( They are my two great friends, though we may differ in belief and outlook in life, we have many things in common... like being all Bloggers, Family-Oriented, and Good Looking Guys (Hahaha that is what our parents told us back when we were young). Dan is the striving plus size guy with a big heart (sounds redundant?) and a dedicated family guy with complicating circumstances; Vin, the ever resourceful and popular kid back in high school and is good with words (that is a good way to put it, peace Vin!); and of course, me! Chris A., the somewhat excessive compulsive game slash anime enthusiast who wants to experience everything the world has to offer (except Aids, Reproductive Diseases and anything bad hahaha). Here is the picture taken from Vin's Camera back at out ceilingless low-roofed home sweet home.

Terrific Trio
From left to right: Dan(Large), Vin(Medium), Chris A.(Small)


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