8-8-8 Entry: Contract Extended

Today is August 08, 2008, a very lucky Friday. why you say? Besides the fact that today is the eight day of the eighth month of the eighth year, this is also the day where my teaching contract in the English School that was about to end this day got extended. Meaning? More opportunity for me to earn money, make a living and help my family.

Though I feel very energetic and felt lucky today (must be all in my mind), it can't be helped to eel sad that two of my co-teachers contract was not extended. These two teachers which I considered as good friends are Yshra and Hans. To add up, some of the students who where close to me and to the teachers in room 4 are now going back home to Korea because their English camp here is now over. Tomorrow, Muddy, Jenny, Bill, and Peter will leave the country. I am going to miss those kids. Eventhough our acquaintances are short-lived they still managed to win my heart.

We exchanged "farewell notes" to each other and promised to once again see each other when they come back. I also brought the camera of Vin which I borrowed from him from yesterday. The next post will be a blog entry with tons of pictures which was taken from Vin's digital camera..

My 08-08-08 was a happy and sad yet thankful day of my life.


  1. ui tope don kaba sa my taas ng mini stop sa my bandang umc nagwowork?

    tska ilagay mu naman ako sa links mo, kainis to!hahaha!

  2. a don pala un..nagapply ako don eh kaso di naman sila natanggap ng part time. tska mukang ayaw nilang lumabas ako ng 3pm twice a week. aun.

    naku parati lang akong walang load kaya di ako nakakapagtext. ganoon talaga pag buhay eschudent uli :)

    parati akong nadaan sa blog ni alvin pero di ko alam ang blog ni dante..hehee


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