The God Daughter

It was a pleasant Sunday (Aug 17) I was selfishly wasting my time playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Grimmoire of the Rift at from 9:00 in am up to 2:00 in the afternoon when Vin arrived.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Grimmoire of the Rift

FYI, my normal weekends involves me and my beloved computer with me playing pc emulated games... I enjoyed simple joys or shallow things, any will do hehehe.

After a while, we went to Goldilocks at Walter Mart Dasmariñas to buy a "pasalubong" for our God daughter. Oh! I forgot, Vin and Dan earlier that morning went to a local gym "Raquetas" to play badminton and later agreed to visit our God daughter or "inaanak" (Dan's daughter).

Dan and Vin in Raquetas

Dan and Vin in their sports uniform in Raquetas Gym

So from Goldilocks we commuted from Walter Mart to Piela, GMA Dasmariñas via the ever reliable public utility jeep. I think it took us around 5 minutes. It was really a quick and fast ride. We still have to take a short ride to Diana's (Dante's beloved partner and mother of our God Daughter, I can just say wife but it is kinda complicated) house. and of course what came next was a series of photo capturing session courtesy of Vin's ( ) Digital Camera.

Green green grass of home

The Green Green fields of the relaxing and peaceful Ligaya Piela Dasmariñas, Cavite

Chris A walking

Vin capturing my walk. I was wearing my school t-shirt and a jean shorts.

Two white goats

It ws my turn to handle the camera. So I went camera tripping and just took pictures of what was the walk to Diana's place like. Meeee-eeee!

Vin and the goats

Vin with his badminton racket and body bag and the goats... meee-eeeee

The God Daughter

Tenen! This is our beloved Dianne... Our God Daughter and Dan's Dearest daughter

Dianne's thumbs up

Dan's signature pose has now been passed down to the newest generation hehehe.

Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter - Dan and Dianne

Dan's Family

Loving Family: Diana, Dianne and Dan - The three D's ( )

Thumbs up father and daughter

I told you so. The Big Man and his Daughter. Peace Dan ^^,!

Chris A and his first God Daughter

Of course, everything will not be complete without a picture of me ( hehehe do I reall have to post my other blog? hehehe the answer is... Yes! ) and my first God Daughter Dianne.

Vin and Dianne

Vin and and Dianne his quote-unquote God Daughter Dianne Hehehe. I really hope that Vin was there in the Christening of Dianne in order for him to be called a legal God Father hehehe but since he sent a proxy to takes his place maybe he could still be called a legal God Father. Hahahaha Peace Vin.

Piela Night Sky

We went home really Dark (maybe around 8:30 to 9:00 pm). It also was a beautiful clear night. Vin still managed to take a photo of the Night Sky in Piela

We made a pit stop at Dasmariñas Town Proper or "Bayan" and grabbed a snack at Jollibee and later on took one last ride back home. What a day well spent with friends and our God Daughter... Dianne.

Day well Spent with our God Daughter


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