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CMABLOGS - A Life on a Pencil (http://lifeonapencil.blogspot.com) is a personal narration and perspectives of a striving artist and I.T. Professional regarding his life, adventures, people that matter, on-going events happening around him. Armed with illustrations, photos, stories, personal experiences, and takes CMABLOGS is a great personal blog to see.

The Author

Christopher Aquino Blogger Christopher Aquino who is known as cmaotaku and Chris A. online, was born in Tondo Manila and raised in DasmariƱas, Cavite and been bound to it like a root of to the Earth. He is an aspiring artist who graduated Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. A blogger since Year 2007 and an online writer who likes to cover various events in his small space on the Filipino Blogosphere. He is a natural free-spirited individual who likes to socialize, make people around him smile even if he has to crack up some really corny but not nasty jokes. An elder and a bread winner of epic proportions. A proud son to his parents and a part of the growing Filipino Blogosphere.


Life on a Pencil came to existence after Chris A. decided to give up CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Personal Blog (http://cmaquest.blogspot.com) because of the Google's punishment and removal of the site's Google page rank (Yup! He [I mean I am] is that shallow that time). After sometime of dampened spirits, Chris A. decided to give blogging one more chance and thus Life on a Pencil was born on the 2nd day of August 2008. Chris A.'s personal posts can now be seen in Life on a Pencil rather than CMAQUEST. CMAQUEST was later been overhauled into an CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine Blog, which is basically a magazine and entertainment style blog.

Why name it "Life on a Pencil"?

I believe the answer you seek lies on the very first Life on a Pencil's first entry:

Life on a Tip of a Pencil: A New Beginning

For additional information (Like disclosure policy, etc) you can see the FAQs area.
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