Aspirations Before November Ends

Still am looking for ways to properly plan and manage my working schedule, sleeping habit and blogging impulse. I barely haven't sleep for days now (It's my fault anyways) So I hope after this blog, my mind and body will cooperate with me and force myself to work. Good Luck to me then.

Another blogging event. I am now one of the contributors in Transformers Philippines ( and would like to thank Azrael for making me a part of the community. Now all I have to do is download the Transformers The New Animated Series (believe me, that's not impossible these days) so I can take a part in the community (It is not a requirement but it is more of a self initiative hehehe).

I am also aspuring to have my "own" digital camera roughly before the 22nd (got corrected here regarding the date. Thank you for pointing it out. My bad) of November for the 4th Annual Komikon ( to have a remembrance of the event. I want to cover the event myself without relying on my friend's digicam (I want to load everything without someone telling me what to upload or not). Independent ba?! So I must work hard the next two weeks to have a reliable digicam before the event.

Lastly I've stumbled again with one of my most favorite (and classic) television shows back in the 90s. This hit tv show is also an educational one entitled Beakman's World. Check out my latest post on it at CMAQUEST: An Entertainment and Magazine Blog Here:

beakman on cmaquest
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