Friendster is Down: Other Social Networking Sites Are Now Up in the Philippines

It is without a doubt that social networking websites have shown growth and gain exponential population in the web 2.0 cyberspace. There are various of social networking websites and one which is I am talking about is very much popular in my country (and the one that I am mainly using) is Friendster (

friendster is down

After that serious attempt to make a serious opening statement (which I hope mattered in any way), I will now go to what this post is really about friendster going down.

Friendster gone down? Yup, it happened also in the past but not this long. Friendster usually takes only a day or less than a day when undergoing maintenance but not this long. Basically, If my calculations are correct (Oh, Goodies! I can count), it has almost been three days of downtime for Friendster which may cause their local members (which includes me, and I don't know a couple of thousands of people in the net [worldwide]!!!) to shift and try other social networking sites such as Myspace (, Facebook (, Tagged (, Orkut (, and many more (actually that is all I know). For a very social and open (to the public) person such as myself, friendster is a great way to communicate with friends and meet new ones in the process (besides spammers, stalkers, and other activity buddies whom I will no longer elaborate). But what has happened to friendster this three days may cost them their followers to try... (...wait a minute this statement looks familiar?). I for once have observe this myself, as most of my online and real friends have gone back or tried Facebook.

Facebook ( is more user and browser friendly social networking site with more entertaining applications against its other counterparts. This is (maybe) what makes it appealing. The only drawback (which I don't think a drawback at all but let's use this for the majority of Social Networking people) in using facebook is that you can't customized your profile using CSS or pimp it out (making bling bling and flash-based non-sense applications to appear). Even if this is the case, the bottom line and the question is What happened to friendster?.

Some online speculation says that there is a major breach in the social network's system or basically it's been hacked!. Another is that Friendster is undergoing some major updates which I hope is true and makes all up with sense with all this unavailability issues and social networking hassles... or social people can just go find better alternatives, right?
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