Guess What's Back: Friendster, Culture Crash Comics and Komikon

First things first, Friendster is back Hoooraaahhh!!! (Hold your horses!) but there's a catch your friend's population will revert back to 2 digit numbers (What is so surprising about that?). I for once have already around 400 friends (gathered that list through the years) and now its back to 42? Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board and hunting mode for lost and former colleagues. I really wonder what did actually happened to friendster? Well, that's alright, they are just one medium in social networking right?

friendster is down

This short message in the friends list page was all that friendster can provide after the three day downtime.


Well, this just came in. I saw this link from a friend at multiply where she linked the friendster forums where the admin explained what happened to the exponential loss of contacts in population and what happened to friendster the past few days:

- - - - - - -
We're aware of the problem that some users are having with missing friends. We experienced a major power outage the other day, that we're still recovering from.

We are actively working on resolving the problem with missing friends. Rest assured that no friends have actually been lost -- even though it may appear so on the website! The problem should be fixed within the next 24 hours. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Friendster Team
- - - - - - -

- Quoted from

This Saturday (November 22)is going to be another fun-filled and "comics"-cal (watta-word!) event. This is the Fourth Annual Manila Filipino Komiks Convention or commonly knowned as KOMIKON. Well, here is the official event poster to tell you almost everything about the event:


or you can check out their websites at:

Culture Crash Comics or CCCom (The Philippines' Premiere Comics Magazine) Team will have a reunion at Komikon which will definitely gives hope to avid CCCom fans like me that they'll publish CCCOM once more and continue where they left off (a fan can only dream).

culture crash team at komikon

I will make a Culture Crash Comics post so that you guys can relate to what the heaven I am talking about. It is going to be a fun-filled event and am going to meet up and rub shoulders will great artists and people of the Philippine and International comics industry.
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