Same OLD at my 23rd Birthday

January 2, 1986 is the year when I was born so there is no escaping the annual birthday celebration (and who wanna escape his birthday?). I have celebrated my 23rd birthday last January 2, 1986 with my family and close high school friends and here is how it went...

Chris A 23

An old 2008 photo in Kadiwa Park because the digicam is still at the repair shop, so here is a photo which I believe I looked a lot younger hahaha. I am 23 older, hope wiser.

I woke up at around 8 in the morning which was a bit unusual with my regular waking hours at 1:00 in the afternoon hehehe (which I remedied now by the way, I now wake up at 12:00 noon hahaha). I was greeted by my mother a happy birthday and my response is a big thank you with a retarded smile (oh yeah I look like one by the way hahaha) and saw mom cooking a small feast which we will eat for later. Mom ask me to invite my two other high school friends Jeff and Badet, besides my two best buds Dan and Vin. The call time is 12 noon or else they will not live to see tomorrow (kidding).

Chris A, Dan, Vin

The Terrific Trio: Dan, Me, and Vin

The two rascals (still the best buds in town), Dan and Vin arrived at around 11 in the morning while I am in my room plurking (here are my birthday plurks: 1, 2, 3) and I decided to show them the movie I have here at my pc entitled Hellboy Animated Movie "Sword of Storms" and "Blood and Iron" after lunch. Hours later the couple Jeff and Badet arrived and completed the five people birthday party (if only there were more). After the meal we continued watching the film and talk every so often check on each others career, love life, and some really funny "inside joke" things.

Later at around 6:00 in the evening I see them off home but got invited for a night of music by the great sponsor Vin. So after we drop off Badet over at her place (don't worry she is completely warm and alive when we drop her hehehehe), we rode a jeep until we reach SM Dasmariñas and scour the mall for a karaoke or videoke rooms. We finally found one and enter the the small room which exactly fit all four of us (Dan, Vin, Jeff and me) and three of us. The three of us started singing and take turns while Dan serve as the coin and official Karaoke operator, he doesn't sing even if it is us guys.

I sang a couple of karaoke which includes:

"Melodies of Life" from Final Fantasy IX

The game theme song for the hit 90's playstation game Final Fantasy IX. Eventhough it is originally sang by a woman, I tried to make it to my own version and at some part I adjusted to my falceto voice just to reach the high notes.

"Mamaw" by Michael V.

From the Michael V. The Bubble G Anthology album comes the spoof version of Narda by Kamikaze. one of my favorite Michael V. version which talks about a gay who looks like a monster hehehe.

"May B.O. na Ako" by Michael V.

This time it is the OST of the Filipino television series Captain Barbell which Michael V. spoofed in this song may B.O. na ako which tells about the character of Michel Rickets, a newscaster who frequently coughs and transforms into the super Hero Captain Gargle hehehe.

"Isaw Nga" by Michael V.

South Border's Mulawin theme song spoof "Isaw nga" came to my mind to sing which I later regretted because I ran out of air and the next songs that followed made me catch air and worn me out, but its a laugh out loud karaoke, with my friends laughing at my off notes.

"Kahit Sandali" by Jennylyn Mercado

I wanted to sing a male version of Jennelyn Mercado's Kahit Sandali and I came short with worn out voice from the "Isaw Nga" song, oh well I got a 98 here though hehehe or was it on the previous songs?

"Beer" by Itchyworms

We felt that SM is already closing up on us and we were the only ones left in the videoke hall so I wrap it up with Itchyworm's Beer. Though we didn't drink taht night at least we had a taste of "Beer"
We left SM Dasmariñas and did another long walkathon from SM Dasma to Walter Mart, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Kadiwa Park, all the Way back to De La Salle University Dasmariñas... we stopped by Mini Stop to grab some meal in between those long walk and that's how I basically spend my 23rd birthday. Next year I will try to invite my blog friends.
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