The Kindergarten Teacher

Another one of those classic jokes I put to comics. This is entitled "Kindergarten Teacher" and without further ado here she is:

kindergarten teacher joke

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Panel 1: In a Kindergarten Class...

Teacher: Okay class, today I will teach you the "Hokey Pokey Song"... alright children, follow my lead.

Panel 2:

Teacher (now sings): "You put your right feet in, you put your left feet out and you shake it all around and do the Hokey Pokey"
Student (Raises his hand to get the attention of the teacher): Ma'am?
Teacher: Yes, Junior?
Student: You have to say "foot" teacher.
Teacher: Okay, again class.

Panel 3:

Teacher (sings again): "You FOOT your right feet in, you FOOT your left feet out..."
Student: Nyah?!?
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