A Blue Water Day Spa Invigorating Blogger's Reprieve

February 18 2009 (Wednesday) - was marked as the day when the bloggers who've been picked for the Blue Water Day Spa Contest got their prize... an invigorating relaxing experience. Yours truly was there to see, experience and try what the Blue Water Day Spa Ortigas Avenue Branch has to offer. This is our Blue Water Day Spa Invigorating blogger's reprieve.

lucky 28 or less bloggers at the blue water day spa

My Wednesday start with me waking up at a very weird nightmare which includes me going to "hell" and me waking up only to find out I am still in that same hellish nightmare and woke up again with a little more laid back yet still hellish nightmare. Talk about stressful!

Of course I hit the computer again to attend to my online writing job and later joined my father and helped with the laundry. Wednesdays and Saturdays have always been "Wash Day" for us which tires us to sleep afterwards but this time I have a blogger's event to attend to, so no time to rest. It's a good thing the event has something to do with relaxation and comfort.

The event I am talking about is sponsored by the Blue Water Day Spa which also serves as a prize to the 28 lucky bloggers who won Tech Filipino's contest. Here are some of the winners of that contest:
Winners of BlueWater Day Spa’s Spa Movie Theater Competition

We've finished with the laundry at around 2 in the afternoon, rested for a while, and finally prepare to leave for Ortigas Avenue in San Juan Metro Manila. I left Dasmariñas Cavite at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

A Dasmarineños Route To The Metro

Dasmariñas, Cavite to Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan Manila Route

This is me again as usual with my "A Dasmarineños Route To The Metro" which is now getting to be a regular part of my blog to help out people who wanted to get around the Metro but don't know where to go or what rides(transportation media) to take to get to their desire location. Actually this will also serve as my memo pad if in case I forget how to get to the places I've been before... hahaha dang my memory loss!

greenhills shopping center

Start off by taking a bus with with the signboard or heading to Pasay MRT/LRT. Drop off at the MRT 3 Station and buy a ticket to Ortigas Station and board the train. From Ortigas Station Go down the stairs to the left and hike all the way to Robinsons Galleria and walked all the way 'til you see the back of Big Lady Herself. You'll have to cross to the other lane and watch yourself as you cross the street. Once on the other side, you'll find jeepneys with signboards to San Juan and ask the driver to drop you off to Greenhills, but I am not. Rather I'd ask the driver to drop me off to Caltex (gas station) because that is the main establishment near the Blue water Day Spa as indicated in this map:

blue water day spa ortigas avenue map

The Blue Water Spa may look far from Greenhills but the truth is it is just a couple of walks away. This map also got a lot of us but it was also really helpful. The Greentop condominium where the Blue Water Day Spa is located is just behind Caltex. Take the stairs and you are there!

blue water day spa for bloggers

- End of the Route To the Metro -

blue water day spa for bloggers

blue water day spa for bloggers

I arrived at the venue at around 7:00 in the evening hurray for the quick route I take. I wanted to have a company when I go upstairs (to the Blue Water Day Spa) so I waited there for just a couple of minutes, and Omski arrived. We were welcomed by the relaxing aroma of the scented thingies from somewhere (I didn't see any candles so let me just call them thingies) at the reception desk. We logged and was good to go inside the Spa Theater. It looks homey and relaxing (of course! it's a spa) and Mr. Francis of Tech Filipino warmly welcomed us. There was a small buffet of fresh fruits and juices for all the bloggers. The bloggers started populating the theater. I've met some new bloggers there namely Joiyee, James, Carlo of the Food Critic, and Nicely. Of course some of my fellow blogging friends where also there like Ada, Jonel, Azrael, Lace, Sarah, Edel, Earth and Janette.

Francis gave us the tour around the Blue Water Day spa Area. Each of the massage rooms are named after different birth stones and are all elegantly laid out to simplicity (say what?). To find out more about what rooms and services can one gain from the blue Water Spa you can head over to their Official Website.

blue water day spa for bloggers tour

blue water day spa for bloggers

blue water day spa for bloggers

blue water day spa for bloggers

blue water day spa for bloggers

Finally, we are lead back to the Spa Theater to watch a movie while having a massage. We were introduced to the top masseuse of Blue Water Day Spa who'll give us the right pampering and massage that we need. The movie "Kung Fu Panda" started playing and so does the massage. I've already seen the movie but I don't mind watching it again in blue ray quality while being massaged. My masseuse was Angie and like every one else's attendants she gave me a foot, back, arm, and head massage which really feels good afterwards which energized me making this long post right after I arrived home.

blue water day spa for bloggers

masseuses of blue water day spa for bloggers

The massage ended before the movie.. the part where Thai Long is about to attack the temple and the villagers are being evacuated. We finished the movie and bid everyone else a pleasant evening and headed outside to be courteously greeted by the masseuses. Me, Jonel, Az, Lace and Ms. Janette grab a meal at Bonnie's and have some interesting discussions. After the scrumptious meal we bid goodbye to Miss Janette. We grabbed a taxi and went all the way to Ayala to drop off Jonel and proceeded to Baclaran pass 12 midnight to take a bus back to Cavite.


I arrived at around 1:30 in the morning and started blogging and now it is... uhm 4:30 and now I am feeling a bit tired and sleepy. The day started like the usual but ended in a relaxing reprieve all thanks to the Blue Water Day Spa.

blue water day spa for bloggers

My Lucky entry for the Blue Water Day Spa Contest:
The First Spa Movie Theater in the World: A World Class R&R Movie and Spa Haven is From the Philippines

blue water day spa for bloggers

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