My 2009 February the Fourteenth is a S.A.D. One

February the Fourteenth is another event that reminded me that I am one of those S.A.D. People. Well, I am not really "SAD" sad rather I am so happy and worry free. What is this SAD or S.A.D.?

It stands for Single Awareness Day, but February 14 is not Singles Awareness Day, but on the 15th of February (For more info about that day click here).

To avoid thinking that I am nothing as a single (as how Valentines Day is so commercialized on every television show on the planet), I just indulged myself on what entertainment my personal computer has to offer and here are some of the things I wanted to share with you guys:

movie marathon at february 14

My Movie Marathon February 14 2009

The Komikero,Gerry Alanguilan brings you this very special Valentine message with a surprise at the end of his video and here it is:

Valentine's Day Video... Just for YOU.

komikero valentines day message

Youtube Source
For more entertaining videos of the Komikero you can head over at his Youtube Channel at

I also stumbled this enigmatic, creative slash experimental video by a great Filipino comic artist Arnold Arre concerning what would it be like to have super powers.

Concerning Super Powers

concerning super power

Youtube Source

We will have a movie marathon also after I finished blogging this. This February 14 is so common that as I woke up at around 9 in the morning I immediately grab a quick breakfast (bread and coffee) and jumped in front of the pc to attend to my daily online writing job while plurking.

Here are some of the movies line up for today for the family to watch:

Max Payne Movie starring Mark Wahlberg

max payne movie poster

Max Payne The Movie Official Website
Youtube Source

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperror

the mummy tomb of the dragon emperror

The Mummy Official Website
Youtube Source

I've also watched two episodes of one of the longest running and popular anime' on the planet (Okay, on the face of Japan) One Piece. Thanks to I am able to watch One Piece online via livestream. Visit their site here:

watch one piece online

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