New Slick Look For "Life on a Pencil"

Yes, if you are seeing this it means that your have nice set of eyes hehehehe. I mean this is my first post for this new slick look for my personal, events, and comics blog Life on a Pencil.

What made you decide to change my\your old lay out?

Well, there are a couple of reasons but mainly because it is not aesthetically appealing to me as it was before when I first applied it here. I also found a glitch/bug after I place my Facebook and Multiply Profile Boxes on my sidebar. Literally my Labels (which is named as "Etched As" on the side bar) vanished into the white background. Thus making me switch into a new template which some liked (yes, you. the only one who responded to my plurk hahahaha).

Are there any changes?

There is an interactive menu which shows me all over the net. I also added a drop down menu for A WORLD OF KOMIKS which will soon to be populated will blog coverage about local Filipino Komiks news, events and my reviews on various titles.

I've also placed my very jolly face at the top most corner of the side bar to let netizens who they are dealing with hahahaha. A short introduction in the third person about yours truly.

Basically, that is all the fuss I have for now and til next updates.
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