Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009 - Comics Enthusiast Unite This May and Concern

April 24, 2009 (Friday) - I've been one of the avid followers of Komikon (Annual Philippine Comics Convention) since 2007 and has always hoped that they make it more regular rather than a 1 day event per year. Thank goodness that this year they've decided to make Summer Komikon which is going to be held at UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman on May 16, 2009 (Saturday).

Here is the official poster for the KSF or Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009

komikon summer fiesta 2009 up bahay ng alumni

To know more about anything Komikon, the contests, what to watch out and the success the event had in the past years, you can visit them at their official sites here:


Some concerns...

I speak as an individual and enthusiast of comics and Filipino comics. Komikon is a reputable evnt and organization, and is not associated on what i am about to say. I exercise my freedom of speech.

Komikon has become an institution and name in helping the Philippine Comics Industry and Filipino talents survive through the years. Though we know the media will never die, it sure is slowly fading. What replaces it are pointless and plotless Philippines television soaps and what's also worst is the falsehood television companies calling a person or himself as the King of Pinoy Komiks whom he is not, yes i am talking about you Carlo J. Caparas.

The debate if whether a comics is Filipino or not is not over. If it is drawn, created and intended for the Filipinos then it is a Filipino Comics. Though the style and medium may vary the essence is still there. The Philippine Comics community is a small community which doesn't need "self-proclaimed Kings" to disown and separate the industry. What the Philippine Comics Industry are people who'll support and help the industry back in it's former glory.

But nuff said, let's put those who disown this industry like how they disown it, and go comics mad this May 16, 2009 for Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009 and on November for the Official Komikon 2009 Event

first komikon summer fiesta 2009

Photos from Komikon (http://komikon.deviantart.com/)

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