Sensationalism and Network Wars on Philippine Television Networks

Ted Failon, is that enough for this post to garner good traffic or SEO? Then if it is then let me spam you with Ted Failon, Ted Failon's wife, Ted Failon suspect, Failon suicide.

Sorry, just wanted that out of my system, just really am irritated with all the buzz about the incident that happened to the Failon household. For those who still don't know here is a link to the news:

Ted Failon arrested

My point is not to judge nor convict Mr. Failon here, because investigations are still undergoing and come on people, let's give the man "the benefit of doubt". He is still innocent until proven otherwise. What irritates me is the sensationalism and obvious network wars playing behind all of this.

What am I saying here people?

The dispute, oh I mean "friendly competition" of the two major local television companies in the Philippines (GMA "Kapuso" and ABS CBN "Kapamilya") will never end as long as they keep on bashing each other while their down (or their people are). Let's take the issue Ted Failon for example, as I've heard on the news (because I am typing here in my room), it is almost like every minute (okay 10 minutes), the news keeps on revolving around the Failon's case, police speculation about the case,update to the health of the victim (Failon's wife) which is really repetitive. It makes me ask isn't there any other news that you can deliver the Filipino mass? How about those hostages in Sulu? Our fellow Filipinos who might be stuck in the crisis in Thailand? The thousands of unemployed? World news which might concerns us like the alleged North Korea's development of weapons of mass destruction, global warming, fire prevention, and the update on Wilma Galvante and Anabelle Rama dispute (okay, the last one is not relevant), but the bottom line is there are a lot of news to cover so why focus on this high profile case and making people speculate even more and doubt the potential suspects while the investigation is still going on? Why don't they just deliver something that will make Filipinos feel proud, good, and relaxed. Not with these network bashing, character assassinations, sensationalism and redundant delivery of the same old news. What has the local news in the Philippines fall so shallow into?

This is just my opinion, my observation on the sensationalism and network wars on Philippine television networks.

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