A Take On Juggling Relationship, Responsibilities, Blogging and Gaming

August 01, 2009 (Saturday) - Ah! The first day of the eight month. Looking back at my July archives I can clearly say that I have really slacked in my blogging. There is a reason to this and probably the same reason why others are being stressed with their lives, juggling different colliding aspects of their life.

juggling life

with all the images I wanted to use in this post, this one looks really applicable. After looking at the source I also found a nice website which advices you on Juggling Life and Work.

Early this month I came to realization that one of my toughest enemies that we are facing in life is procrastination and the lack of self-discipline. Take my case for instance, I procrastinated and keep on putting my utility bills behind (internet connection bills) until it the amount to be paid topped up to a sum of money I could not immediately come up with. Not to mention I am getting lazy at work because of dating, socializing, and spending my leisure time (playing computer games).

Due to the lack of discipline there can only be some tasks to be prioritized, blogging and covering events were the two which was left out. I still don't know if I have acquired some sense of self-discipline and responsibility right now but I do hope I did. I am slowly be appearing more and more again, and probably catch up on my back log blog posts. The blogger in me whom I set aside is crying out for attention and "justice" so know I am back and hope to be more active than ever before. Hopefully juggling my life, work, leisure, and relationships even better.

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