Day One Recollection of The First LetsGoSago Anniversary Surfing Clinic in La Union: Part Two "Chris A. Gone Surfing"

Last August 15-16, 2009 (Saturday to Sunday) yours truly attended the first anniversary of Jonel Uy's LetsGoSago in San Juan Surf Resort in La Union. This is Part two of day one and this is the time I gone surfing.

Chris A with surfing coach

After changing into my "surfing gear" I joined some of the bloggers who already decided to take a dip and enjoy the fresh (scorching) morning beach. I asked a fellow blogger Omar for a favor to take photos of me surfing which I am thankful about.

bloggers taking a dip in la union beach

chris a going to surf in la union

Moments later I saw a group of surfers and bloggers crowding up meters away from us and then that is where I recalled that I was assigned to the first batch of surfers. Our group proceeded to their location and met Jonel. He reminded me that I should join the first batch, which I later did.

Luke Landrigan teaches the right moves in surfing

Luke Landrigan teaches the right moves in surfing.

The class started with Luke Landrigan (surfing professional and extraordinaire) teaching us the basics of surfing which is pretty simple when you looked at it but way different when you are actual doing it (just like first time biking).

luke landrigan in san juan surf resort in la union

Upon seing the rush of "surfing waves" you should paddle...

luke landrigan teaches surfing

and push yourself up the board landing both your feet on the moving board. Take balance and stand with partially bent knees, straight back, and properly position feet and finally ride the waves.

That looks easy enough I thought and he directed as to our individual surf coaches whom given us and thought as the actual surfing drill. They also taught us individually the safety precautions to take when surfing. After the trainers saw that we are ready we then went on to try the real thing.

Chris A. getting ready to surf

As beginners we were given over-sized surf boards, which measured at around seven feet and once we are at a right distance from the shore, our trainers will wait for the right waves and push us and the rest is up to us. So let's see...

Christopher Aquino surfs at La Union

Waiting for the right waves and getting pushed through the waves...

failed surfing by chris a

Standing and woops! Failed attempt number one... This is not the right way to stand and control your balance on the surf board.

Another failed attempt to surf as my feet was not properly positioned on the surfboard which causes the unequal distribution of my weight on the board. The result? The sinking of Japan I mean another failed attempt of surfing.

I believe after half an hour I got the hang of it and stopped giving my trainer a headache. This is the only good shot of me properly riding the waves:

Chris A. gone surfing

Finally I learned how to surf and now acquired a beginner class badge on surfing ahahaha.

It was definitely a blast (of salty waves hehe) and was another memorable first experience for me. I would like to thank my trainer for being very accommodating and patient with yours truly.

Chris A. gone surfing in La Union

To see more Chris A. gone surfing pics, view it here:
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To be Continued...

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