Day One Recollection of The First LetsGoSago Anniversary Surfing Clinic in La Union: Part One "Rendezvous Departure and Arrival at La Union"

Last August 15-16, 2009 (Saturday to Sunday) yours truly attended the first anniversary of Jonel Uy's LetsGoSago in San Juan Surf Resort in La Union. This is my first out of the Cavite-NCR trip and this is how the first day went...

Chris A in San Juan Surf Resort La Union for the LetsGoSago anniversary

I will start the recollection of day one when two of my best friends accompany me from Dasmariñas, Cavite all the way to Mc Donalds Quezon Ave. Branch at the night of August 14, 2009. Yup, they are a terrific bunch of friends and that is why I called our group as the Terrific Trio. We lleft for Dasmariñas, Cavite at around 8:30 pm allocating time for the usual EDSA Traffic. It is our first to ever had to take the late night MRT(train) ride along Edsa and just to chow there (We usually have a frequent boys night out in Cavite which include dining out and late night walking marathons). The ride went smoothly though the volume of people who were taking the train is like that of a regular day in MRT.

A'last we reach the rendezvous point by around 10:30 pm and decided to grab a grub at Mc Donalds. The two were also very kind enough to wait for me to have the company of other bloggers and surfers. At around 12:00 mn (Start of August 15, 2009 Day 01) I saw the first bloggers, (whom I know) Ria, Earth, and Leira arrived at the establishment. Seeing that I have already some people to talk with. The two left and head home to our beloved town of Dasmariñas Cavite.

It is not long enough when the once silent Mc Donalds Quezon Avenue Branch turned into a busy and bustling establishment at the wee hours of the night as surfers and bloggers started to crowd the fastfood chain which is obviously good for their business. Jonel arrived as well and I aided him together with another person in the registration and the coordination of the participants of the surf clinic.

bloggers at mc donalds for the letsgosurfing clinic in la union

The bus already arrive and Jonel directed the participants (a better way to put it because the surfing clinic doesn't just include bloggers but non-blogging participants as well) to board and place their luggage on it. When everything was good to go, we went home (JOKE!), we boarded the bus and left Quezon Avenue for the long hour drive to La Union, hehehe.

bloggers all aboard at bus going to the surfing clinic in la union

On the bus, Jonel introduced the itinerary for the two day surf clinic, and the media partners, and sponsors who came to share the experience with the bloggers and participants on the LetsGoSurfing Clinic in La Union.

on the road to la union for the letsgosurfing clinic

After the short message from Jonel almost everyone decided to take their much needed rest for when day light breaks it will sure require our energy. I slept while listening to an audio book playing on my mobile phone (and I've been a big Sherlock Holmes complete novel audiobook junkie these past few days). Our slept was cut short at around 5:00 am on one of the comfort room stops in Tarlac. We then continue to push towards La Union afterward.

lets go surfing participants bus arrived at la union

Welcome to San Juan Surf Resort in La Union

At around 7-8 in the morning of August 15, 2009 the bus finally arrived at San Juan Surf Resort in La Union where the LetsGoSurfing Clinic was held. We unloaded our luggage and entered the very welcoming resort.

Welcome to Billabong Surf School in San Juan Surf Resort in La Union

Welcome to Billabong Surf School in San Juan Surf Resort in La Union

surfboards at letsgosurfing clinic

a view of the san juan la union beach

A view of the San Juan La Union beach

Helping Jonel with the distribution and accommodation of everyone's room and breakfast. I finally got the chance to have mi much needed breakfast y'ar!

Breakfast served in the LetsGoSago anniversary surfing

After breakfast and placing our things in our room, I changed into my "surfing attire" (which is not really fit for swimming/surfing though hahaha) and take some photos with the banner I "grew fond" of with.

Christopher Aquino at San Juan Surf Resot in La Union for the LetsGoSurfing Clinic

Instead of making one mega blog post about the two day Surfing Clinic in celebration of's Anniversary, I've decided to break these into parts. So expect the rest of what happened (through the my eyes) last August 15 Day One of the LetsGoSurfing! A Anniversary Bloggers Surfing Clinic. As much as I wanted to post every photos of the departure and arrival at La Union, I can't. You can see the rest of the album photos at my facebook album here:

LetsGoSurfing La Union Day 1 - Departure and Arrival Album

(You need to have a Facebook account and you should add me first hehehe)
To be Continued...

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