Bloggers Retreat To Cavite: A Town's Delight in Republic of Cavite Restaurant Bloggers Event Experience

Last September 05, 2009 (Saturday) yours truly together with the rest of my Metro Manila blogger peers traverse the road of Aguinaldo Highway to Governor's Drive for the Town's Delight Bloggers Event in Republic of Cavite Restaurant in Trece Martirez Cavite.

Chris A on Republic of Cavite

I woke up that day at exactly one in the afternoon, which means I am dreadfully late for the event. It was supposed to start at 1:00 pm so I panicked and felt hopeless that I may not be able to attend it. Luckily, after a split second, I gathered my guts again and decided to still attend the event (even I am that late). Funny thing was that the venue is just some half hour drive from our hometown DasmariƱas, Cavite and there I was, betrayed by my own body clock hehehe.

Trece Martirez Monument in Trece Martirez Cavite

It was drizzling that time because of some aftereffects of the storm has just left the country. While on the road to Trece Martirez, Cavite, I kept in touch with the bloggers already on the venue and they have already started which adds up to the pressure and made me think that I may probably be too late but thank goodness I am not. I arrived there to find two bloggers who were invited and in the same situation as I am and we three proceeded to the venue, Republic of Cavite behind Trece Martirez City Hall.

republic of Cavite behind Trece Martirez City Hall

What was noticeable is the similarity of the venue for the Town's Delight Blogger event to that of the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit Cavite. See for yourself here:

Aguinaldo's shrine

The Aguinaldo's Shrine in Kawit Cavite

towns delight bloggers event in republic of cavite trece martirez

Republic of Cavite Restaurant looks like Aguinaldos Shrine

This obviously is the reason why the venue was named Republic of Cavite... from the original seat of power of the first Republic of the Philippines lead by the First President of the Republic, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo

metro manila bloggers at trece martirez

Some familiar faces greeted us on the venue and mentioned that they were warmly welcomed by the people of Town's Delight and Republic of Cavite. We were also welcomed to the Bulwagang Cuenca of the Republic of Cavite.

bulwagang cuenca of republic of cavite

town's delight bloggers event

We later, helped ourselves with the very fine cuisines served at us on Town's Delight Bloggers Event at the Republic of Cavite Restaurant.

fried rice by towns delight

cuisines of towns delight caterig services

town's delight food event

salad at towns delight

buffet on towns delight food event

While dining we discussed a few things about Trece Cavite, some blogging concerns, and the latest technology and movie buzz. We were offered to try the Cafe' Amadeo, black coffee from Amadeo Cavite which was really strong. I haven't tasted any black coffee for a while now but it can really awaken one's senses once you take a sip or two of the strong coffee.

salabat or ginger tea

We also tried the Salabat Iced Tea (Ginger Juice) which was kinda unique. Besides the fact that it was served with ice (I usually drink it hot), it was also sweet and very tasty though it still retained that distinct soothing ginger feel on the throat aftereffect.

desserts on cavite

republic of cavite desserts

We also sampled Authentic Filipino delicacies and desserts.

After trying out all those wonderful dishes by Town's Delight and Republic of Cavite, we went on a tour and was directed to the Republic of Cavite's Showroom.

towns delight catering services

republic of cavite showroom

towns delight the caterer

Town's Delight The Caterer is not your typical caterer for they have been professionally celebrating 35 years of culinary expertise and food services, and still counting. When you are looking for Elegant yet affordable catering services with top-notch food services, Town's Delight is definitely your pick. You can visit them at their official website here:

We still have some time to spend by then, so why not see the rest of the Republic...

republic of Cavite Restaurant

We visited the actual Republic of Cavite Restaurant below the Bulwagang Cuenca which goes towards the direction of Munting Tagaytay...

metro manila bloggers at trece martirez cavite

The Munting Tagaytay area resembles the scenic view of the actual Tagaytay Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City. We took a snapshot or two from that venue.

munting tagaytay in trece martirez

munting tagaytay in republic of cavite

After that small excursion to the Republic of Cavite's version of some of Cavite's most popular destinations (Kawit Cavite and Tagaytay City) we called it a day and was sent home with a bilao of Town's Delight Desserts...

bilao ng kakanin mula sa town's delight

To put it to our own language...
Isang bilao ng pasalubong ng pagkasarapsarap na kakanin handog ng Town's Delight at Republic of Cavite ng Trece Martirez Cavite.

The Thirteen Martyrs of cavite

The History of Trece Martirez (Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite)

Thirteen well-knowned citizens of Cavite who were captured by the Spanish Government for the alleged conspiracy and aiding the revolution in Cavite on August 31, 1896. Though the thirteen were innocent, they were still sentenced to death by an unfair trial. The thirteen were shot in the afternoon of September 12, 1896 in the San Felipe Camp in cavite. The name of the Thirteen martyrs were:

Luis Aguado, Eugenio Cabezas, Feliciano Cabuco, Agapito Conchu, Maximo Inocencio, Maximo Gregorio, Jose Lallano, Severino Lapidario, Victoriano Luciano, Alfonso De Ocampo, Francisco Osorio, Hugo Perez, and Antonio SAn Agustin.

Our last stop was the Trece Martirez Monument at the side of the Governor's Drive and took some pictures before calling it a great day at Trece Martirez, Cavite. Together with the Metro Manila Bloggers we went home with a great Trece Martirez experience thanks to Republic of Cavite and Town's Delight The Caterer.

Chris a. at Trece Martirez Cavite

Republic of Cavite Restaurant and Twon's Delight Blogger Event

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