A Once in a Lifetime 999 Blog: CMABLOGS.COM - New Name for Life On A Pencil

September 09, 2009 (Wednesday) - This is a very special blog post because for some reasons. Well, this is posted on one of those once in a lifetime dates... the 9th day of the 9th month (September) of the 9th year since the millennium (2009) simply A Lucky 9.

What better way to celebrate this momentous date than to acquire a new URL name or address for my beloved personal and events coverage blog Life On A Pencil. Life On A Pencil now turns to CMABLOGS. Yep! You can now reach my blog via...


So why CMABLOGS.com?

If you don't know yet my very first blog dates back as early as 2007, and that is CMAQUEST which is my infotainment and magazine blog. CMAQUEST's name came from my Initials, Christopher M. Aquino and my Quest. That time I was just started blogging and it generally is a personal blog but after some personal issues I left that blog but the "call of blogging" was inevitable and so with a new found spirit I made Life On A Pencil back at 2008. This is where the real challenge began, maintaining a personal blog and an entertainment blog while I was studying back in college. We don't even have our very own computer that time, so I have to go to an Internet Cafe just to blog.

Fast-forward that to today, I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a home-based internet job and have (I guess) established myself as a good (that's one better way to put it) blogger. I have finally bought and gave CMAQUEST its own domain name and I promised myself that not long enough Life On A Pencil will soon follow. Finally the right time has come.


There are two reasons why I consider September 09, 2009 lucky. Well, the first one is like what I said earlier (the 9-9-9 thing), and the second is that two of my blogs can finally be easily accessed through their new (hopefully "catchy") shortened URLs of CMAQUEST.COM and CMABLOGS.

This is just one of those milestone but not necessarily mean the end.
Expect more blogging from yourstruly, C.M.A. a.k.a. Chris A..
For we've only just begun...

Hahaha sorry can't help but to play this song after that last statement. Featuring The Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun". Makes me also recall the 1408 horror movie.

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