Pinoy Bloggers Steak Out! The Texas Roadhouse Grill Experience

Another year of exciting events and promotions awaits bloggers this 2010 but before yours truly experience them again let me give back to one of the most mouth-watering food events I've experienced last year. Let me rewind to the last quarter of 2009 when I attended the Texas Roadhouse Grill food event for the bloggers.

Texas Roadhouse Grill Philippines Food Event for Bloggers cmablogs

christopher aquino at texas roadhouse grill

This event is another one to add to my "First's lists". Firsts time digging in on a Texas country bar type of restaurant and digging on a delicately prepared steak. I am not a big steak connoisseur (but after this event I might eventually become one) so I was all ecstatic to whatever they throw at the dining table. So to best way to describe my Texas Roadhouse Grill food event experience is through the series of photos which yours truly has taken back then.

Texas Roadhouse Grill let's you experienced an old Western inspired dining experience at the heart of the Metro in El Pueblo, Ortigas Center and here are some to best describe the ambiance:

texas roadhouse grill ortigas center ambiance

old western inspired dining with texas roadhouse grill

This photo brings back memories when cigarette commercials where infamous... two words "Marlboro County"

wifi internet access at texas roadhouse grill restaurant

cowboy-inspired dining in the philippines with texas roadhouse grill

Texas Roadhouse Grill provides perfect ambiance for any group of friends or people on the go. Surf all you want for Texas Roadhouse Grill is a WiFi hotzone.

texas roadhouse grill ortigas center restaurant

texas roadhouse grill philippines dining experience

The event started out with the officials of Texas Roadhouse Grill giving us all a warm greeting and introduction to the modern cowboy-inspired restaurant and steak house, Texas Road House Grill . They talk about the different choice cuts and what Texas Roadhouse Grill has to offer...

people talking about texas roadhouse grill

about texas roadhouse grill

texas roadhouse grill menu

steak choice cut at texas roadhouse grill


Texas Roadhouse Grill, the first modern Western saloon in the Philippines, opened its swinging doors to the public in March 2007 at the Bonifacio High Street to cater to urban cowboys in the Philippines. In Nov 2007 it opened its 2nd branch in El Pueblo Real de Manila, Ortigas Center. Now, there’s no need to go back in time for that authentic Old West experience. Just ride on to Texas Roadhouse Grill and delight in its lip-smackin’ grilled dishes in a modern version of a Wild West saloon.

Get everyone ready and mozzy on down to Texas Roadhouse Grill in El Pueblo, Ortigas Center. It is open daily from 11 am to 12 mn Sundays to Thursdays and from 11 am until 2 am Fridays and Saturdays (tel. nos 635-6715 to 16). Its branch in the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig is located at Bldg 1, Bonifacio High Street and is open daily from 11am to 12mn Sunday to Thursday and until 2am Fridays and Saturdays (tel. Nos. 856-1547 to 48)
While the appetizers were serve a group of selected bloggers were chosen to enter the kitchen for a demo on how the Texas Roadhouse Grill do their masterpiece.

kitchen demo for bloggers on texas roadhouse grill

texas roadhouse grill restaurant kitchen

bloggers at texas roadhouse grill

Of course the main event arrives after the kitchen demo, the actual dining experience. Ladies and gentlemen dig your eyes to the best of what Texas Roadhouse Grill Philippines has in store for you:

texas roadhouse grill appetizer

texas roadhouse grill philippines dishes

steak at the texas roadhouse grill philippines

texas roadhouse grill signature dishes

texas roadhouse grill desserts

christopher aquino cavite blogger at texas roadhouse grill

"Lazie en gentemen, Ze isteyk vefohr ze kheyos"

chris a. dining at texas roadhouse grill

"You're mine! Mahy presshyusssss!"

cmablogs food event coverage at texas roadhouse grill philippines

My first time tasting a well prepared medium rare steak and it was unforgettable. From then on I promised myself that I will come back at Texas Roadhouse Grill with my friends to let them experience the best steak in the Metro.

texas roadhouse grill philippines recommendation

Texas Roadhouse Grill is definitely "my cup of coffee" and will forever remember this event by Texas Roadhouse Grill Philippines, teaming up with Yehey.

cmablogs recommends texas roadhouse grill

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