Twenty Four at Twenty Ten - Another Year of Chris A.

January 02, 2010 (Saturday) - a Happy New Year to everyone. I've been invisible lately in the blogging and the online scene so hopefully I will make a regular comeback anytime soon. Need to prioritize my life and career first then hopefully all will fall into place, specially I am twenty four and all... and yup, today is my twenty fourth year of existence on the third rock from the sun.

Yours truly was born on the second day of January at around 8:00 pm (time according to mom) so this 2010, I just turned 24 and what could that possible means. Hopefully this age signifies that I should get serious with my life and career (which I haven't) in order for my aspirations to come in full circle. I will not broadcast or make any resolutions because (to what I have seen through out the years) they don't usually come true so instead I'll just do them. Actions are way better than words.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year of 2010 to everyone.

My look on my twenty forth birthday. Gaining weight and looking more older.

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