The Market! Market! LazerXtreme Bloggers Challenge

LazerXtreme at the Market! Market! in Taguig City has recently invited a group of bloggers to experience their authentic brand of entertainment called laser tagging. What can the LazerXtreme, the first Multi-Level Laser Tag Arena in the Philippines offer?

Bloggers at the LazerXtreme Market Market in Global City Taguig

Bloggers at the LazerXtreme Market Market in Global City Taguig

April 13, 2010 marks my first time in setting foot at the Market! Market! of the famous Global City in Taguig (another first for me) to cover and try out the facilities that LazerXtreme has to offer. LazerXtreme innovates the traditional game of tag into a completely new level, and thus the emergence of the term "laser tagging". Arm with light laser (L.E.D.) guns and vests that has laser or L.E.D. sensitive parts, laser tagging provides an enjoyable calorie-burning and quality bonding time with friends or loved ones.

I enjoyed the whole experience of both being an aggressive predator, tagging the opposite player, or as the agile prey, avoiding yourself from being "tagged" on the dark corners and alley of the LazerXtreme gameroom. The LazerXtreme also told us that a loyal costumer has incorporated regular playing on LazerXtreme as part of his diet and workout routine which later proved yielded favorable results, losing weight. Well, I can't see myself losing weight anytime in the future but I personally recommend LazerXtreme as a great way to enjoy a day's off with your family and friends. Just bring an extra shirt or towel though, for you will have entertaining fifteen minutes of fun with LazerXtreme.

LazerXtreme has been on the circulation for two years and have been improving their facilities and services throughout the years keeping them on top of the laser tagging entertainment provider on the Philippine market. Play as a team and defeat the opposite color on a Team Play game or go all out ala-Royal Rumble on a Free For All LazerXtreme game. Afterwards see who gained the most points in the laser tag and brag to your hearts content Hahaha.

LazerXtreme was also featured on an episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho back at 2009, a testimonial that it is indeed one of the most promising and popular entertainment facilities in the Metro:

LazerXtreme started providing laser tag group gameplay since May 30, 2008. Now on its second year, the first Multi-Level Laser Tag Arena in the Philippines will be opening its second branch in Alabang Town Center anytime soon. As explained by the marketing head of LazerXtreme new laser games will be available on the new branch. So will wait til then for the next review.

For an in-depth look on the rates, photo galleries, and what to expect on LazerXtreme you can visit the LazerXtreme Official Website at

lazerxtreme at the market market

4/F Market! Market!
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
856-6467 or 69

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