Winila is Legitimate! Claiming XBOX 360 at the Winila Philippine Office

Just a few days ago, I stumbled upon a new promising auction website from a fellow Filipino blogger in Plurk, the site is Winila ( Skeptic as usual, I started asking questions about the legitimacy of Winila even though there is already a fellow Filipino blogger won a PSP Go on Winila, Leira. She was out of the town for the week that is why she haven't claimed the item she won. Imagine PSP Go for the price of $0.56! I was partially convinced about the idea of spending small and yet winning big, so I eventually visited the Winila booth on e-Games' Domination IV at SMX Convention Center SM Mall of Asia last April 10, 2010. I think that is the only reason why I went to the e-Games Domination IV which was a frustrating experience game event experience for me, but as they say no pain no gain.

Chris A. with his XBOX 360 at the Winila Office in Makati City. To have a clearer knowledge of How Winila works, you can check it out here

The Story

When I entered the SMX Convention Center in the domination IV I immediately went to the Winila Booth to buy bid credits. Winila Bid credits through Bid Vouchers is a whole lot cheaper than buying the bid credits online. This is why I gambled a good sum of money to have an initial 120 Winila bid credits back at the Domination. Actually I was targeting Winila's auction item the PSP Go for its mobile gaming purposes but eventually the last PSP Go was auctioned out after I bought my bid credits.

Later that night, I tried my very first Winila bidding, I was aspiring to win the 8GB iPod Touch which eventually was won over by a fellow blogger, Carlo. So there are now two bloggers that I personally know who have already won Winila items. The next day, I told my friends regarding the winila auction thing and as always they were all too suspicious about the whole thing. I think this is why I am a skeptic myself, it is because of my two friends, Dan and Al. They found it promising yet still consider it as a hoax, and they will only believe me if I win and claim my prize. So the challenge was on! Proving that Winila is the real thing!, A couple of walks from my friend's house, I rented out a pc to bid for the Acer Aspire One. It was intense and ate over one hour of my time, after an hour I decided to call it quits and eat dinner with my three friends and my goddaughter. We continued monitoring the Acer Aspire One bidding which was closed 15 minutes after I left the internet shop.

I regretted on going out too early. I think I would still get that item with 118 bid points. So I finally come to a game plan to win on Winila, which I will not share Bwahahaha! A few hours after that a Nintendo Wii was the next item for auction, in my frustration from the previous item I once again rented another hour of bidding but eventually the pc I sat on is slower than the last, so I lost for the second time. The last item for the night was a XBOX 360, the auction started at around 11:30 pm Philippine Standard Time. I don't know if the people who bid earlier ran out of bids or what , or I was just lucky to be the last one to win the item. Congratulations reigned that night on plurk from fellow bloggers.

"I WON! I WON! I WON!" said by the deranged man sitting in front of his pc as he repeatedly refreshed the past auctions winner hahaha. I was discreetly shouting like a sissy when I won. My brother was happy to hear me go nuts on my seat, father and sister was curious with what's all with the ruckus. I feel like I really hit the jackpot. My heart was beating so fast I thought I'll have an attack right there and then. I still can't believed it and slept at around 4 in the morning.

The first part was completed, winning an item at winila, the real big question is to whether I could claim the prize. I am almost convinced, just one more step which came into fruition a little while ago as I was rescheduled to claim my prize. Yup! yesterday I already claimed the item but for some technical reasons, Winila representatives weren't able to give me the item. So come 3:00 pm this April 14, 2010, I once again traveled from DasmariƱas City all the way to Funlabs Corp, Allegro Center 2284 Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati City. I was warmly greeted by Miss Tanya of Winila and was introduced to one of the managers of Winila. After some photo op and discussion about my experience. I called it a day and was excited to "un-box" it at home.

Blogger won at Winila

After a torturing 2 and a half of traveling from Makati to DasmariƱas City with some random instances of paranoia (hugging the item like it was "my precious"), I finally arrived home to bring another device that would add up to our growing monthly utility bill hahaha. Prior to claiming the item, I decided to but two XBOX games for the price of P 150 each which I later found out that they do not work on XBOX 360. I later research in an all-Pinoy XBOX online community (, that the console does not play pirated or burned games, not unless it is modified. Various pros and cons are discussed when a gamer decides to keep his XBOX modified or not. Well I am just in between of that right now. Guess I will enjoy my XBOX 360 a week from now.

So all in all, Winila is legitimate! Winila is the REAL DEAL! I was not some paid Joe that would make all of this just to market their website. In the end, Winila is a promising auction and gambling website. Yes, and in gambling you win some and you'll probably lose more. I think I was just really fortunate enough to win such gadget because there are only limited people who knows and actually supports this form of gambling. You might be thinking that they are just throwing away valuable itemsin exchange for a few cents? Believe me that once Winila go nationwide and attracted the right market for them, they will earn back what they initially invested on just like any other businesses. I think this post will deserve a part two, not focusing on my story anymore, but to what future this may bring to its participants and the company itself.

For now, I am in "waiting mode" for the item to be auction, how about PS3 or a PSP Go for only a few hundred of pesos? Not bad huh? Hehehehe

Winila Spend Small Win Big
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