The iPod Touch Gaming Experience

Last April 21, 2010 I claimed another Winila won item, the iPod Touch 8 GB MC model which I have installed with quite an arsenal of "kick-ass" mobile games and here is my iPod gaming experience.

iPod Gaming

I am a big role playing game fanatic so most of the game titles I got for the iPod Touch are mostly RPG-related. The best RPG yet to come out for the iPod Touch or iPhone is Square Enix' Chaos Rings which according to iPod gaming review sites has explored the full potential of what the iseries can come up with in terms of graphics. Want to know what is Chaos Rings like then watch this promotional trailer for Chaos Rings:

Square Enix' Chaos Rings for the iPhone and iPod Touch

And just when you thought you had enough of the epic clash between plants versus zombies then think again. Plants Versus Zombies is perfect for the iSeries (iPod Touch and iPhone), If you ever wondered what is it like to strategize on the fly using your own finger tips then Plants Versus Zombies is definitely a must have.

Here are other roleplaying games available for the iPod Touch/iPhone:

AppVee's Review on Zenonia for the IPod Touch/iPhone

AppVee's Review on Zenonia 2 for the IPod Touch/iPhone

Square Enix' Final Fantasy for the iPod Touch/iPhone

Tap Critic's Review on Plants versus Zombies for the iPhone and iPod Touch

and just when you though one plant and zombie mash up was already enough then wait until you see Play Forge's Zombie Farm. Want to have zombies and plants in your farm then here is the game for you. Playable both online and offline:

Play Forge' Zombie Farm

There are also quite a number of tower/castle defense available on the iSeries and here are some of them installed on my iPod:

Classic Game Room's Review on Defense Chronicles

ApVee's Review on Crystal Defenders for iPod Touch/iPhone

Me and my brother would often have an argument about taking turns on who to use the desktop computer so the arrival of the iPod is really essential. Instead of being stuck with the same old repetitive television programming, (that the local television companies are kept throwing and recycling over and over again out at the Filipino televiewers) we now have the option to slack off and spend our desktop computer-away time by playing great games on the iPod Touch.

These are just the tip of the massive ice berg so to speak as there is already a mountain of iPod Touch/iPhone games available in the market. Check the largest listing of games on iPod's AppStore on Itunes or see the game titles classified by genre, rating or popularity with Gamespot's iPod Games Homepage
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