Carlos Celdran, Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan and Pro-Life Philippines President Eric Manalang ANC Interview on the The RH Bill

Most of my friends and peers both in the offline and online community knows my passion when it comes to the Philippine Roman Catholic Churches Intervention or meddling with the affairs of the state by threatening civil disobedience and a possible excommunication to President Noynoy Aquino if the comprehensive Reproductive Health Bill of the Philippines gets passed. Even though I am still a Roman Catholic by paper, I still consider this threats to the state as unbecoming for a religious institution.

I started plurking about this issue which trigger my sense of concern and love for my country. Yes, I consider my stand against the leaders of my own church as patriotic and I take pride in doing it. Sadly my voice could never be heard nor reach by the majority of the Filipino people nor be enough for media to focus on it, who am I for the world to listen anyways... just a mere blogger and patriot, then came Mr. Celdran. Carlos Celdran, a patriot, Intramuros tour guide, artist and a blogger (Vist Carlos Celdran's Official blog at Carlos Celdran's Walk This Way at has done the most foolish yet exemplary thing that we, supporters of a more progressive Philippines could not do, bring the fight to the grounds of Church. They threaten civil disobedience then let them have a taste of their own medicine, but still the method was not tolerable as he was eventually incarcerated.

Carlos Celdran holding a Damaso Placard as protest

Carlos Celdran holding a placard with a word "DAMASO" referring to the Roman Catholic Church's threatening civil disobedience and excommunication if the Philippine President supports the RH Bill as he protest on a Church meeting (explained later in a video)

For fellow-Filipinos who haven't watched or heard about this (which I doubt, but still) then here is the news about it:

Official News feature: In RH war of words, activist confronts bishops in church

With his action triggered something, that I can have my voice, that I can stand against this manipulation of the Catholic Church through theocracy and twisted science regarding the Reproductive Health Bill. I brought my fight to the official Facebook Fanpage of the Food Morning CBCP. Unfortunately, some of my argument have leaded to a more sensitive topic like the debate on religion, which might be triggered by other "commenters" response about the RH Bill is "evil" and "immoral", and what does that makes us? Still the point is the same, my cause is not to persuade the CBCP with my comments but to educate fellow Catholics about the issue of the meddling through petty threats of the Catholic Church and misinformation regarding the Reproductive Health Bill. If not only for this threat to excommunicate and civil disobedience announced by the CBCP representatives that will I not show my passion for my country. To end this very "involved" and passionate post about this Reproductive Bill which has been pending for almost fourteen years, I give you the ANC Headstart Interview regarding the RH Bill.

ANC Headstart guests (hosted by Ms. Karen Davila) tour guide Mr. Carlos Celdran and Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan talks about the RH Bill.

ANC Headstart guests (hosted by Ms. Karen Davila) Pro-Life Philippines president Eric Manalang talks about the grounds of being against the RH Bill.


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