A Future of Blogging as a Career: Concepts, Ideas and Investments

I have been thinking the past few weeks, and thinking hard I did. What will the future hold for me, what opportunities can I take that could further develop my skills as a freelance writer and worker? Then it hit me, like a brick falling from a thirty foot story building! Okay that was a bit too much but a great blogging idea came to me. What if I do more!?!


I have already tried having multiple blogs in the past and so far I can conclude that all I can manage are four blogs at the time, with the two having the luxury to get regular updates than the rest, that being http://www.cmablogs and oh http://www.cmaquest.com. Though I know I can manage more, I am a bit restricted with my freelance work and proper time management. This is the main reason why I haven't been active in the past few weeks. I was getting my act together, focusing more on being productive and avoiding distractions which can really be tough sometimes. Luckily the distractions that comes along the way are some streaming videos which I can use as a material for work related write-ups. These same distractions have also inspired me to go even the distance and try the wildest of ideas, creating more engaging, informative, and entertaining blogs. To what the themes of these blogs that I am conceptualizing are still under development, but I am sure it would be something great (I think). I may find myself in something so big that I could no longer handle it alone, a company... that doesn't sound so bad. well, like they said if you are going to dream, then dream something big but in order for that to come to full circle then you must do something about it. That my friends is what I am planning for the coming weeks.

I don't have to be a seer, to see a bright future ahead of me. I just needed to extensively learn and properly manage my time and I may probably be of to a good start.


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