There is a Need for Xbox Live Support for the Philippines

I won a Microsoft Xbox 360 from Winila auctions last year which converted me into an instant Xbox 360 gamer. I have always been a gamer and this seventh generation video game console was a welcome addition to the entertainment system here at home.

xbox live support petition for the Philippines

Once I finally received my console, two options have now been offered to me, to modify (altering the firmware and hardware to lift the restrictions of the hardware or to simply pay cheap pirated games) or to stay legit and left it as it is. I chose the latter that time which I didn't regret. Sure it was expensive but it is my part of helping the hardworking publishers, developers, and generally the video game industry to keep on doing great games. I also played by the rules because of the various online connectivity, features, updates, premiums and exclusives of having an unmodified NTSC-US Xbox 360 console. There was and still "is" a dilemma though, a lack of Xbox Live support in the Philippines.

Little did I know that there is no full Xbox Live support for Xbox 360 here in the Philippines which was really frustrating. There is a decent number of Xbox 360 gamers who are legitimately subscribed on Xbox Live services but can't seem to access established services right of the bat. Many legitimate Xbox 360 and even Playstation 3 owners have been clamoring for support from the international companies, but it seems like those petitions have yet to be considered.

One of the biggest complaints I have with the limited (if not lack of) support of Xbox Live services here in the Philippines is the lack of Paypal account integration on doing various digital transactions in the system. Even though I wanted to buy Microsoft Points, (in-game currency bought with real money to download various premium digital content) at the comfort of my own living room using my Paypal Account, I just can not because Philippines is not part of the supported countries. I don't know if Xbox or Paypal has problems integrating their services in the country, but there is a need to satisfy customers outside their targeted market. We are still part of the big picture. We are already in the information age and with the Philippines being as globally competitive as most countries out there, I believe that it is only reasonable for intenatrional companies like Paypal, Sony (Playstation) and Microsoft (Xbox) to invest and expand on countries loyally using their services. The should provide full support of their services here in the Philippines.


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