500PesoDeals.com: Great Deals for as Low as 500 Pesos!

A friend recently told me about 500PesoDeals, a new group buying website that will launch this coming May 13, 2011. What makes 500PesoDeals stand out from the rest of the competition are the products they offer for only five hundred pesos. What, 500 Pesos only? Tell me more! Now I sounded like one of those Home TV Shopping guys.

500PesoDeals.com offers its users access to daily deals on amazing products and services, always priced at P500 but worth up to 10 times more. Talk about a great deal! It will soon offer once it finally launch this May 13, 2011. For now you can follow them on various social network websites like Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook.

Another great reason why to sign up now is the chance to win an iPad 2.

Check out the 500PesoDeal iPad 2 Contest here.

With a good concept for a group buying website and a nice contest to add in to the mix, 500PesoDeals.com is a very promising new player. what do you think about 500PesoDeals? Share your thoughts at the comments section below.


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