A 2012 Birthday: Reflections from a Twenty Six Year Old Bloger

To start off let me greet everyone a Happy 2012 New Year. This is my first blog post for the 2012 and also my birthday post, so here it goes.

A latest photo of me as of December 24, 2011

Yours truly was born on the 2nd day of January of 1986, so this year I am already 26 and what can I reflect so far? Well I spent Christmas and New Year penniless, no thanks to my easy go-lucky attitude. That plus the fact that I lost my online home-based freelance writing work of three years last November 2011, and since then I've successfully become a total freeloader in our (parents) house. That isn't something to be proud of, and after this unnecessary rest I have already planned the things to do in order o get out of this current financial mess. I am going to try out a few online things and if that doesn't work out then I am off to becoming a corporate slave, just like everyone else (no offense meant).

So what has change within the past twenty six years of my existence? Well I am more outgoing and positive. I am no longer searching for something that isn't there, and in some way that gave me a peace of mind. A belief system that makes perfect sense, unlike what I used to believed in. My sense of humor has become more mature, leading to the adult humor category which has got me into trouble once or twice the past year. This is probably good for the jolly old me, but bad for the people who can't take an adult joke or two. I am more concern about my family specifically my parents than ever before, maybe it is because of maturity but nevertheless I am still thankful for it. I have become a little more insensitive and mature, I used to be affected with what people think of me and if people don't remember me. but now screw them for not remembering me (Hahaha just kidding to my friends). I might just outgrew that selfish side of me. Everybody has their own lives and it is time to prioritize and focus on my own. They will still be around. I am more flirtatious now because if I don't then I won't get laid Hahahaha, what I mean to say was if i don't act to mingle with the opposite sex then I won't experience to be loved and be loved romantically just like every normal person out there, but I am not rushing it. Just being a big flirt hahaha. I don't know if that sounded nice. I am more creative in some way, but frustrated in a sense that I can't seem to materialize those ideas because of the lack of resources and generally the lack of discipline; I need to work on those two things this year.

I plan on having a minimum of a hundred thousand in my bank account. What big plans coming from someone who doesn't have a single penny and owe some people money. Hopefully if things go well, this might not seem impossible. I am already 26, and I have told myself that by 27 I plan on looking for someone to spend my life with in legal matrimony, but I can't do that without moolah! So here is to 2012. For a more proactive year for me and transition from an old sorry state to a new better me. Cheers to 2012 and hope the Mayans are wrong.


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