My Diyes Sentimos on as Survivor Philippines Season 4 Winner: Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown Live Finale Review

After 36 days, Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown finally names its Ultimate Sole Survivor - Albert "Betong" Sumaya. Survivor Philippines final three were Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Steff Prescott, and Mara Yokohama. Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown Live Finale gathers Season Four's contestants in this reunion special slash announcement of the sole survivor finale. Like what I did with Amaya, here are my thoughts on Betong winning as Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown.

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown Final Episode Review CMABLOGS

The two episodes before this finale was filled with hate and negativity; a big bleep-fest of an episode as I would like to call it. While those two episodes focus more on Survivor season 4's jury bringing out their frustrations, hate, and bad blood against the season's final three, the live finale turns that around. We now hear them giving message of good tidings to the final three. From being infuriated and impulsive, the jury is now back at their regular celebrity goody good poker face attitude, well with the exception of KC who still believed that he should be on the Final Three rather than Betong. I admire that guy for keeping it real, and playing it as how it would be played. Unfortunately, he was outwitted by the two women he trusted in the end. Lagi ko tuloy nasasabing "matalino man ang matsing, napaglalalangan din". To whether the final three truly deserved that Survivor Philippines Final Three slot is no longer the issue here. Everyone has their own bet, but unfortunately there could only be one Survivor Philippines sole survivor who'll go home with 3 Million Pesos.

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown Celebrity Contestants

Like the usual, the Jury's votes were arranged and announced in a sequence where all three final three members get one vote each, then HOPYA! cut to a commercial... nice, right? Then cuts back to the reality shows final and most awaited part, the announcement of Survivor Philippines Celebrity doubles Showdown sole survivor. Betong got 4 votes from the Jury, while Mara has 2 votes, and Steff with only got 1 vote. It was later revealed who voted who. KC, Chuckie, Maey, and Arthur all voted for Betong, while the Philippine Volcanoes' Johnny and Arnold voted for Mara, while Gino voted for Steff. I was not surprised that Betong won. He took the good guy route in Survivor Philippines, because we all know that the people cheers for the good down to Earth guy, right?

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown Live Finale Sole Survivor Albert Betong Sumaya

So congratulations to Betong for bagging home 3 Million and winning Survivor Philippines Season 4 Celebrity Doubles Showdown. Although you weren't my bet, it was easy for me to accept you as the sole survivor for your good guy gameplay. How about you guys? Who was your bet in this season? Who did you cheered for (loved) or hated? What are your thoughts about Survivor Philippines Season Four's Sole Survivor? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:


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