A Citizen's View on 20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines: An Entertaining Social Commentary

20 Reasons Why I dislike the Philippines is a ChannelFlix Presentation and a Sorted Production video hosted by Jimmy Sieczka. This entertaining social commentary video about a foreigner's (to the Philippines that is) top 20 list on the things he disliked about the Philippines came to me today March 14, 2012 on Facebook. Intrigued by the title and some people crying fowl on the said video made me more curious to know what is the fuzz all about. So here is my diyes sentimos on this latest "INSULTING" video about the Filipinos.

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"Top 20 Reasons Why I Dislike ______", right from the very start we should know that this video is negative in nature. If you are so blindly passionate about something, then as much as possible you better stay away with such titles like this. I can't blame people for still watching this though, it is human nature to be naturally curios about things especially when someone of a different race is talking about another person's Father or Motherland, in this case it is the Philippines.

Watch ChannelFlix 20 Reasons Why I dislike the Philippines here

About: If you think really hard, I'm sure you can come up with a couple reasons not to like something. In the land he loves so much, let Jimmy take you on a lighthearted tour of the negative aspects of living in a crowded country located at the earth's equator. On the flip side, check out 20 Reasons I Love _____.

I suggest you watch the video from beginning to end to completely understand the nature of the video. It is a social commentary and a darn entertaining one. If you haven't seen it or have seen it and had a bad impressions on it, I think it warrants a second look. Finished? Now tell me what have you noticed on the video?

First, it is a video that intentionally finds the most trivial matters about the Philippines to include it on its top 20. Traffic is a problem of every (if not all) major cities around the world, so it is really trivial and nitpicking of him to include it in the list. I can add a couple more faults about the Philippines than traffic especially about religion and politics, but they didn't do so, so right then and there you know that they are not really aiming for the serious kind (or journalistic approach) on their top 20. Isn't it true that major roads, especially on the major cities here in the Philippines suffer heavy traffic? We can also traced this to poor enforcement of traffic laws, undisciplined drivers and pedestrians. He also included shameless beeping of horns of most Filipino drivers which by itself is very annoying. He included the very annoying and abusive Filipino barkers. I just hate it when these barkers position themselves on loading/unloading stations and have the shame to ask for a tip. My father was once a public utility jeepney driver and I used to accompany him back in the days, and by then I already hated their existence. The very small money we earned from each passengers fare were being stolen from us by such abusive and unnecessary barkers. Then they have the guts to get angry at drivers who won't pay them any tip? That's just twisted as hell!

He also included beggars on the streets which I too have personal experience with. I saw this mother of three kids who are all beggars on the street taking a ride home. So basically she let her kids do the job for her rather than providing for them. He is also right not to give money to such beggars as it is stated by our law. We can pity them, and give them food if they were really hungry, but if they preferred money over the food you offered then the more reason to doubt these poor straved beggars, not to mention that most of them are taken under the care of the social services, but they eventually escape to just return to begging on the streets. Talk about these beggars really desperate for food and shelter? ...that was a sarcastic statement. LOL.

Then there are the laughable trivial things like the Filipino comfort room. You obviously know that the guy isn't completely honest that every comfort room in the Philippines is as unsanitary and as bad as what he featured on it. Heck, he even featured a decent hotel and shopping mall in Cebu but did he include the comfort rooms on those said establishments? He didn't which makes it funny. I've got to agree with him on some parts, most public toilets whether they are inside or outside shopping malls usually don't have tissues, luckily we are not that big users of tissues, unfortunately for him, he does. Then there is the excessive use of plastics and little tissues, which he also had some very valid points.

One very funny moment in the video was when he was attended to by lady-boy's in a bar/restaurant where he ask the question "Why is it that every hot girls in the Philippines is a lady-boy?", which is duh? That just cracked me up. We all know that there are very hot and lovely REAL women in the Philippines you just have to look at the right place.

This is really a creative and funny video in a guise of a social commentary. What makes it more funnier is that it is based on actual facts about us, our people, culture and tradition with some pretty trivial and irrelevant stuff added to the mix. Do not be mislead by the title alone or the negative feedback received by the video. Try watching it with an open-mind, think that what if the host was not a foreigner but a Filipino. Is there really a need to be defensive and be butthurt over this video?

I for one have been very open in saying my mind (opinions) on various local and international issues, films, and tv shows. I am not even a citizen of the said country, but I was able to express my thoughts on it, but have any of these political figures, celebrities, film and television productions cry fowl of my commentary or reaction to them? They don't because first I am not that popular to warrant their attention (HAHAHA) and second the internet is a free platform where one can freely express himself (to a very justified extent). The video itself is not even that comprehensive as a social commentary, so why even take it too seriously. If you check out the official ChannelFlix website, you will know that it is an entertainment channel. The same channel who previously made a 20 Reasons I Love the Philippines.

Watch ChannelFlix 20 Reasons Why I Love the Philippines here

We, Filipinos are happy people. We can still smile or laugh in the face of adversities and challenges, so why are most of us can't seem to take criticism about our people, culture, and tradition? Why is it that when some of us laugh at other nation's many faults, mishaps or shortcomings it is alright, but when the tables turn and they in turn does the same exact thing, it seems so wrong? It is so double standard. It is alright to be patriotic and nationalistic only if it is on the right context. An acquaintance on my social network used to say that it is a case of misplaced patriotism and I completely agree. Now if you are to take this supposed to be creative and entertaining video to the teeth, then let me ask you this question, did he not raise any valid points on what you now call a an offensive and racist commentary?

Everyone is free to express their opinion on this video. But sometimes it gets really tiring to see such videos or personalities featured on local news not because of their talent, but for their said to be "offensive" and "controversial" content. This is just my honest opinion about this particular matter. You might have a completely different interpretation of the said video, if you do or do not, then fell free to share your thoughts on 20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines? on the comments section below:


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