A 99.9% Guaranteed Public Safety and Security Around the Metropolitan Locations in the Philippines

A 99.9% Guaranteed Public Safety and Security Around the Metropolitan Locations in the Philippines
A Special April 1 Citizen's View Post by Chris A.

Getting around the metro can be considered by some as the most challenging and fear or anxiety-inducing experience they can think of. I for one don't belong to this minority. How can you doubt an effective security protocol? Luckily, the Philippines is a country known for considering public safety and learning from past mistakes. I can definitely say that I feel 100% safe, wait that's too much for me to say. Let me rephrase that... I can definitely say that I feel 99.9% sure that I am safe and secured around the Metropolitan areas in the Philippines.

Thanks to my new career as a staff in this tech company in Ortigas City, I am now (more than ever) exposed to the beauty of public security and safety in the most metropolitan locations in the Philippines. I usually wake up two hours ahead of my schedule anticipating the usual lengthy and sometime heavy traffic from DasmariƱas City (my hometown) to Ortigas Center in Pasig. The routine goes like this: Taking the public transportation via air-conditioned bus (Cavite to Pasay), followed by the a train ride in MRT Taft to Ortigas Station, and finally, a good ten minute walk to the office. After spending eight hours in work, I just back tracked from office where I usually pass by the now operational SM Megamall and St. Francis Square Mall, then just a bus ride back home which also takes an hour or two (even three) depending on the flow of traffic. Now we go to the interesting part of this post, the guaranteed public safety and security.

Metrostar Express Metro Rail Transit

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First there is the excellent and superb security protocol upheld by the Metrostar Express Metro Rail Transit. To avoid the usual normal flow of traffic in EDSA, I usually take the Metrostar Express to reach my destination faster. I just can't help but notice as to how the security personnel in these public terminals uphold the global standards in maintaining public order and security. I believe it is worthy of recognition. Most of the time a public commuter brings an object to carry their personal belongings. If you are carrying a bag and want to access the public transportation system, you'll just have to go to a simple and standard security routine check. First, the security person will tell you to open your bag. Then, using this complex sorting stick, a security personnel will extensively go through the most of contents in your bag for a good two (or three max) seconds. I usually open all of the zippers in my bag for them to dip their advance browsing stick, but it seems like they trust me enough not to check the other pockets. Well, of course you are going to be bothered more if bring along a much more bigger container like a larger travel bag or sealed box. Finally, the security check ends with a final pat on the waist area to check for hidden weapons and other suspicious items. You will never know when a person might have a holstered gun or dangerous weapon on their waist area. I thank the security personnel for not being too forceful and invasive with their security patting. For that they deserve credit. I sometimes think if they should also pat my legs and areas above my waist to double check it, but I guess it is no longer necessary. Who would put a knife or a gun on their chest or legs anyway? Not to mention it would just waste the valuable time of the Metrostar Express patrons who are usually in a rush. This in-depth security protocol gives me so much assurance of a public safety.

SM Megamall

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The same can be said on the public malls like SM Megamall and St. Francis Square. Takenote that these are the malls I usually passed through everytime I go to work, so I can't really say about the others. As I made this special post (April 1, 2012), they are using the same effective system as that of the MetroStar Express. The only difference is that there are more security personnel with added device, a handy metal detector. This detector compliments the complex poking stick. Then a simple pat on the waist like that of the MRT and you're good to enter the mall premises. I saw a more complex metal detecting machines in The Podium, but I believe that large human scanner is too dangerous. I know I read some article that such advanced x-ray or scanning machines can induce cancer. So as much as possible I try not to even come near one. I trust the Metrostar Express and other malls that doesn't use dangerous methodologies and tools like large scanners/metal detectors and canine dogs. Honestly, I have an allergic reaction to dogs, so I am thankful for malls to be so considerate and sensitive to their patron's health and psychological conditions.

I was able to claim that there is only a 99.9% of guarantedd public safety and assurance because we can't deny that there are devious scourges of society that pass through this extensive security check with great sly and ease. A recent robbery incident in Robinson's Galleria, the fire in Ever Gotesco Grand Central Mall, and past terrorist bombing attacks that killed and wounded countless of public commuters in the Metro rail transit systems are some of these isolated cases in the past that I believe has been addressed with the implementation of extensive security system which I just mentioned here. There is still that 0.1% of danger, but when you know that God is up there watching over us, you'll forget all about it.

I feel so secured and relieved everytime I access these metropolitan locations in the Philippines. I am definitely in good and protecting hands. How about you guys?


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