A Look on What Eat Bulaga! Indonesia Is Like

Last time we talked and confirmed that Indonesia officially franchised Eat Bulaga!. Now let's check out what Eat Bulaga! Indonesia is like on its first episode.

Eat Bulaga Indonesia Sugod Bahay Gang

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's version of Pambato ng Videoke ng Bayan

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's version of Sugod Bahay Gang

Eat Bulaga Indonesia Pinoy Henyo - Indonesia Pintar

INDONESIA PINTAR - Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's version of Pinoy Henyo Segment

Eat Bulaga Indonesia Franchise features its own version of Pinoy Henyo

Amidst the language barrier, I still find it amusing how Eat Bulaga! Indonesia has managed to duplicate the feel and the look of the original Philippine Eat Bulaga! in their own fun and conservative type of way. For most Filipinos who are not privileged enough to learn the Indonesian dialect, we just have to read the scenes as it is the exact same Eat Bulaga that we grew to loved with for 33 years, only with a different coat. Well it is expected for a franchise anyways. Hopefully Indonesia's localized version and franchise of Eat Bulaga! will soon become a household name that will not only entertain generations of Indonesians but provide public service to its people.


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