A Wholehearted Participation in the Website Blackout Protest Against the Philippine Cyber Crime Prevention Law

Today, October 2, 2012 yours truly wholeheartedly joins the bwebsite black out protest/awareness raising for the cybercrime law. Do not get me wrong, the Cyber Crime Law is what the Filipinos need to protect their basic rights and welfare from being violated online, but the inclusion of a highly exploitative parts in the recent 2012 Philippine enacted law is what drove us mad, online libel.

Website Blackout Protest Against the Philippine Cyber Crime Prevention Law October 2, 2012

Learn more about the Movement to Correct the Cyber Crime Prevention Law through the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance Official Website

By now there have probably have countless write ups to discuss why most Filipino netizens hate the Cyber Crime Prevention Law of 2012. I suggest you seek them out, read from both sides and be the judge yourselves if we are just merely over reacting or there is truly a basis to all of this... which is the latter. I'll say it straight right from the get-go I don't have what it takes yet to march to march to the Philippine Supreme Court hours from now and join the rally and protest against this potentially malicious and oppressive law enacted by our "good" Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III along with majority of our 2012 Philippine senators with the exemption of Senator Teofisto Guingona III (I tip my hat to you, Sir). What I can do however is express myself like what I always do and plan to do so in an unforeseen future, only if this low gets amended/revise soon!

If you happen to pass by all of my blogs this October 2, 2012, (CMAQUEST, Retro Pilipinas, and Pinoy Movie Blogger) you'll notice that you'll first be introduced with a splash banner that aims to spread awareness that the freedom that most Filipinos currently enjoy online whether it is on a conversation via chat, social networks, or through blogs is threatened by the current state of the Cyber Crime Prevention Law. If ever all of these actions fail and Filipinos once again forget that there is that dangerous section in the Cyber Crime Prevention Law that is like a slowly crawling time bomb. How will you answer the younger generations (that is if you are still alive and free to even talk to them in this potential future that retains this law), "Where were you when the government started taking our freedom to freely express?" or "Was there any way that your generation could have done to right this error that we are suffering now?". If ever that dark dystopian hopeless Philippines does takes place, I will face them with pride and say "we fought the good fight back then but failed because our numbers weren't enough, that average Filipinos didn't give a darn.". The only question now is what will you do about the Cyber Crime Prevention Law while you still have the capability to stop it dead on its oppressive track towards that potentially dark future for freedom in the Philippines?

Remember remember the secondth of October...
Cyber Crime Prevention Law, tyranny, and freedom-suppressed.
I see no reason why Cyber Crime Prevention Law
Should ever be forgot...

- Inspired by Remember Remember Poem
(Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot)
V for Vendetta (2006) Film


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